What's ur fav. operating system on andriod?

@ZedXo i use bootleggers rom, just because its the only currently supported rom on my phone

@Strit @ZedXo Yes, Android is the OS, Linux is the kernel, and the others are distros. One could say, what is your favourite OS for Android-compatible phones. Then the choices could be Android, Sailfish, UBports, Plasma, etc.

ubports is good.
but lack of community n device support.
sailfish is poor. i dont use plasma, hows that?

@ZedXo @Strit Sailfish has gotten better and it has a great UI and VPN support, but I can't recommend it as a daily driver. Call quality is mediocre and battery life is dismal. I have the most recent paid version on an Xperia X.

buddy. if u r paying for a OS, then whats the diffrnce between IOS n ur paid one?! :thinking_rms:

@ZedXo @Strit Well, you know the old saying, if something is free... iOS is paid too, it is just built into the device price. I really don't mind paying for "free" (freemium) products if it supports a worthwhile mission.

"What's ur fav. operating system on andriod?"

No one.

all r under progress

I need a complete one.

no upgrade old generation phones when u havnt do upgrade everytime.
it also time consume n annoying also.

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