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Knowledge is transparent.
She/He/It is everywhere,anywhere,no-where.

U just need to Discover.

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can anyone suggest me a polished n original rom for Oneplus 1 ?

no upgrade need


performance tiptop

battery life avg.

Have anyone heard about Mercury fuel?

It can change the world.
No need fossil fuel.
Few drops of fuel boom πŸŽ†magic.

is there any open source firmware availbale by which i can turn off the tp-link router ?

APP BATTLE : :hyperbola:

Is Fedilab better than Tusky?

What's ur fav. operating system on andriod?

Is Andriod better than IOS?

How many days do u live without ur smartphones, laptop or any kind of tech gadgets?

Those r generated n operated from China, Dominating The whole Universe.

U can call it a Spybrick or SpyBot.

Choose which one on the top for sneaking ur data?

@fedilab @Mastodon

A programme just like human's life.

Birth: The Maker

Live: The Maintainer

Death: Uninstall

which sound good to hear?

which type of payment system/method is helpful for User n also Technology friendly?

Is Rooting/Jailbreak Safe ?

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