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Site.js version 14.4.0 released

This release implements new pull and push commands that make use of Small Web conventions to simplify downloading and deploying your site.

- pull command
- push command

- Server auto-restart when a .dynamic folder is created/synced

To update, use: site update

(Daemons will auto-update as usual.)

#SiteJS #SmallWeb #SmallTech

I wish I was introduced to RSS a lot sooner. I just made a feed to pull 3 linux related subreddits that I frequent into thunderbird.

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Do they interact with the fediverse?

Do they post alternative video links to sites other than youtube?

Do they include links to non-corporate platforms on their sites?

If not, tell them to walk the walk! The more they hear this, the more likely they are to change their behaviour.


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A plea to anyone that believes in the return to a non-monopolistic free and decentralized internet.

Call out the hypocrisy of "open source" or "privacy respecting" organizations that continue to support as first class citizens, corporate platforms. If they truly believe in change, let them behave that way.


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Cleaning up my digital life, just found a plain text file last edited in 2008, where I wrote about what I was up to in 4th grade. Turns out it was multiplication and webkinz.

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Honestly all bands should have a Bandcamp page where people can get their stuff DRM free

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If you, your project or your team depends on an open source project, don’t hesitate to mail its creators and tell them that you do!

You have no idea how useful such endorsements are when maintainers want to justify their time commitments!

I'm becoming increasingly more satisfied with my online experience.

Been working on cleaning up my presence and deleting accounts and content that I don't use / need anymore, and replacing them with services that I have greater control over / host myself.

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Basically, I think programming is one of the best skills in 2020, and people vastly underestimate their ability to do it. It’s not about being smart enough, it’s about having the patience to work through the challenges without giving up. Not even a degree can help you with that. It’s normal and expected to think “I’m not cut out for this,” but if you have the drive to continue, there are really no barriers. You need a laptop and an internet connection, that’s about it. It doesn’t even have to be a good laptop, and it could be Starbucks WiFi. Not only is it the best alternative to college, it gives you power to shape the world.

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Thanks to @jannik #owncast has a web site now! It’s much nicer to have a way to browse documentation and learn a bit more about the project than digging through the Github repo. Check it out if you have a chance!

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GitNex 3.1.0 just released with:

- Multiple accounts support
- New Retro theme
- Delete or Edit a file
- Markdown support in file viewer
- New Progress indicators
- Repository forks

And with other features and improvements.

Will be available soon from the respective stores.

#gitnex #gitea #app #android

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I feel like the beauty of the Fediverse is that you don't need to have so many accounts, because different services federate with each other.

The main reason I have so many is because I want to compartmentalize the content I put out. For example, I don't really expect my family to be interested in a post like this, since they only use the Fediverse through the instance I set up for them.

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How do you use the Fediverse?

I personally have 6 accounts: 2 mastodon accounts on instances with different focuses, 2 pleroma accounts on the 2 pleroma servers that am running (one for my family and one for my friends). I have a pixelfed account, and I'm hosting a writefreely instance for my website, both of which I haven't really used yet but intend to.

I follow some peertube channels using this masto account, but I'm thinking of making a Peertube account also.

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So AAPL is now worth 2 trillion dollars.

Only 2 short years ago the market was at awe at the first trillion dollar public company in American history.

It took the company 2 years to gain the same market capital valuation as it took them nearly 4 decades.

All during a pandemic and recession.

It's definitely something to think about... is it inflation of the USD? Is it inflation of the market? Are we due for a major crash?

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