I switched from Gentoo to NixOS today. I enjoyed Gentoo, but I don't think I'm going to regret it 😃 Nix is really slick.

Decided to configure my kernel from scratch since I've been running the Zen kernel. I accidentally forgot to go through the kernel section on the systemd page of the Gentoo wiki. I'm surprised it even booted, but I couldn't launch SDDM. Added the necessary modules and reinstalled the kernel, now everything works!

... or does it?

Hey everyone, I'm taking my first stab at this Fediverse thing. I am a developer interested in a variety of languages, particularly , , , , etc.

I have been using Linux as a daily driver for a few years now, currently using .

I'm a huge fan of decentralization and self hosting. I'm currently working on a personal website with a blog attached @Zambyte and I'm working on DApps using the blockchain.


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