I'm actually starting to find it weird when people don't have an RSS feed for their site.

@Zambyte Like what kind of a lock-in is your website that I need to hand over my email to subscribe to you, if at all that is an option?

@celia A lot of sites I have found don't even have that. They just expect you to come back to their site over and over :blobthinkingeyes:

@Zambyte Like how do you keep up with millions of such sites?

"Oh idk. My site is special. People will come you see!" 👀

@Zambyte I'm feeling this way for a decade now. Also, pretty much every site that doesn't offer a feed, won't be part of my regular attention, unless it either offers a really important benefit or doesn't provide content that is suitable for a feed (I don't know, something like movie theatre programs).

@Zambyte which reminds me, I need to build a rss feed for my site.

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