Hey everyone, I'm taking my first stab at this Fediverse thing. I am a developer interested in a variety of languages, particularly , , , , etc.

I have been using Linux as a daily driver for a few years now, currently using .

I'm a huge fan of decentralization and self hosting. I'm currently working on a personal website with a blog attached @Zambyte and I'm working on DApps using the blockchain.

@Zambyte @Zambyte welcome to the instance!

Can I ask why you chose Algorand?

@tomosaigon @Zambyte thanks! Algorand is super easy to develop with compared to other blockchains. Also being a PoS chain, running a participation node also requires far less resources than a PoW one like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and PoW also encourage mining pools, which decrease centralization. Other PoS implementations like ADA, Tron, and ETH 2.0 also encourage pooling through things like delegation, thus decreasing decentralization.

@Zambyte Welcome - great to see you on the . 🚀 Enjoy its diversity. Great to see more developers here working on smarter chains.

@PaulFranz @Zambyte I've played with Kotlin a little bit. As a language I miss a few things from Scala like pattern matching, but the Java interop is a bit nicer.

I haven't done much with groovy, but it seems like a neat language. Might play around with it a bit.

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