I wrote a new kind of license called a "lisens" that grants future simulators permission to simulate my consciousness and/or sense of self.

The reason was that I like to build simulations and AI models and have been thinking a bit about how that practice will look in the future. I've been wondering whether future researchers would find it unethical to simulate someone's consciousness. I wrote a blog post with more info here: bonkerfield.org/2020/12/lisens


@bonkerfield Some of this is explored in Orion's Arm virch worlds articles.
Basically you have to provide digital beings created in a simulated world a sort of afterlife.
People creating such simulations are required to give the entities created in them full info about being in a simulation in the afterlife. And the afterlife has to provide a way for the entities to live in the real world or other simulations if they so choose.

@bonkerfield I think it will take a while for simulations to get to the state they are in Orion's Arm though of course.

Right now I think you would need to collect a lot more data from your communications too to even try to build a proper chat bot that acts like you.

The AI might be useful to answer people's questions in a way that they would think they are talking to you. Might save you time in a practical sense lol.

@Zach777 Haha, yes exactly. Still a lot of advances needed in a bunch of directions, but I'm just starting ramping up on the process now.

And thanks for the info on Orion's Arm, I hadn't seen it there before, but it makes me want to look into it more.

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