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Just logged out of bird site and deleted the app from my phone.

Feels good. Going to spend time yabbering and explaining stuff and learning stuff and everything here instead.

I'm going to be releasing music made the normal way with instruments and DAWs, but I'm also going to be looking at live coding, building weird little electronic and analog instruments and all sorts of stuff.

Here is a good place to explore and report on what is going on.

This is pretty neat. An article about Sping, a program for determining the sending and receiving time of a ping.

Normally ping just shows round trip time. Not the exact time it took for a receiver to get the ping nor how long the trip back was.

Well I have a related post ready to upload sometime. It is about UI scene and resource handling best practices that we will be experimenting with in .

I just got to find the right time to post it to Reddit for maximum exposure lol.

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I'd like to give a shout-out to @snikket_im, and in particular to @mattj for creating this awesome new #XMPP project, as well as a friendly and welcoming support community. Snikket has lowered the bar of entry into the world of XMPP by several orders of magnitude. It takes more time to install/configure your #raspberrypi & prepare your DNS zone than it takes it to install Snikket itself. Anyone who can get Linux running on a Pi can run their own XMPP server thanks to Snikket. #awesomeSelfhosted

Scientists invented a faster random number generator:

I am super excited for when it can be used for Dwarf Fortress 2 😛

Check out the February newsletter for here:

It talks about us getting featured on the blog and our new spacesuit design.

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Announcing my latest open source project, in collaboration with @carl

🌵 Cactus Comments - Federated web comments, based on the Matrix protocol.


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I am moving to decentralised blockchain tools. Get rid of facebook and so on. Searching right now a decentralised news platform where I can consume news directly from the writers. Paying them by accepting advertisements or by coins. Any ideas, experiences, hints?

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EU_politics + encryption + privacy 

EU leaders intend to lurk behind encrypted communications. Read their approved resolution:

Residents within EU countries can support a petition at the EU parliament to declining this proposal and to keep citicens' privacy:

As of today at 00:00 CET it has been signed by 19 supporters

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I do love being reminded that Google has made location tracking features proprietary and actively discourages use of the open source implementation of it.

I hope Linux phones catch on and fast.

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Anyone one the fediverse interested in #boatbuilding ? Please boost 👍

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🇬🇧 More than 29.000 people signed the citizens initiative to #StopBiometricMassSurveillance. We need 1 million for the EU Commission to look into it. Please help:


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What is the best way to use hashtags on ?
Does anyone here filter toots by tag?

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EU_politics + encryption + privacy 

The EU Council has approved a resolution to undermine encrypted communications for EU citicens:

A petition to declining this resolution and to keep citicens' privacy is online at the EU parliament:

As of today at 23:40 CET this petition was signed by 12 Supporters


Would a decentralized storage platform ever be able to work?
Maybe something where you upload encrypted files to a server running the platform, then that server backs up portions of the upload to other servers it is federated with?

What is your preferred reader for that is available on the store?

Interesting article on if social media could be a mistake and if it is the nee printing press:

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NEW LISTING: We will list and open trading for $LBC 🎉

🔹LBRY, an open, free and fair digital content network with top creators and over 10,000,000 people.

🔹Trade $LBC against $USDT & $BTC on Feb 25th @ 5PM (UTC+8)

🔹Learn more :


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