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There is a word that describes an argumentation tactic that uses child abuse, terrorism and kidnapping as justification for any decision but I can't think of it.

I know that I read an Wikipedia article on it before but I just can't remember the word.

Has one of you an idea?

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norpet is a digital pet with hand-powered logic.

its board (or non-electronic digital screen) consists in a grid of logical operations, one per cell, that you have to follow to bring your pet across its different states of life.

norpet is a proof-of-concept of #beansComputing that we developed for the Virtual Pet Jam 2022.

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It's unclear which branch of inquiry is studying the most fundamental aspects of reality: philosophy, mathematics, physics, or perhaps even psychology.

Also, all of these fields have known inherent uncertainty:
Philosophy - Agrippa's Trilemma
Math - Godel's Incompleteness Theorems
Physics - The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Psychology - The Hard Problem of Consciousness

Now I want to boost any post I make on lemmy automatically from this account lol.

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Show, don't tell, with Asciinema, an open source terminal session recorder - Viewers can copy-and-paste the text

You can post the link from a into the search bar of to boost the post.

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Alright everybody. I am live (
Over the course of the week I will go through the book of @compudanzas, an introduction to the programming language.
Today is day 01.
There will be a lot of reading and getting used to stuff, because this if my first language of that type.

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Essence - A desktop operating system built from scratch, for control and simplicity.

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Yall have a super quick way to prototype ui in a program?

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The Podcast Index exists to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem by enabling an open, categorized index that will always be available for free A new initiative uses open source to keep podcasting decentralized and add new features. They have a documented API that will allow any app or developer to connect to the index. The purpose of the […]

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that has a library where you can borrow ebooks. Definitely going to take advantage of that in the future.

Check out a libre audio book platform where you can listen to volunteer .

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It's time to get back into the habit of writing down my thoughts, documenting my activities on my personal website. I put it aside when I started @domingoclub but I feel that the balance between the two documentations can take shape again.

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Click the names you are familiar with.

If you understand the pupose of this poll, boost the post to get more sample data.

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Manyverse is a free open source "off the grid" social network. Each user's data is stored on their own computer or phone instead of on a server. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @manyver_se

There are apps for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, available from the website at

Manyverse is part of the SSB/Scuttlebutt network.

#Manyverse #SSB #Scuttlebutt #OffTheGrid #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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