@gdroid Runs on my phones 24/7. Unless I need to turn on a VPN app for select apps.

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Hi all. We're aware of the SET antifeature, and yes, it's a bug.

More details and progress here: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidserver

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Our admin, @mike had a great idea - to open up the Fosstodon Hub to our users, so they can contribute blog posts.

Maybe you want to talk about a project you're interested in, or something you're working on, or maybe just tell people why you use FOSS in a more long-form fashion.

Think of it kinda like a mini-medium for Fosstodon users.

This post is to gauge interest before we start developing something. Would anyone be interested in contributing to, or consuming, such content?

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Thank you everyone for only @ ing us with questions, and using # for general chatter. It made getting through support a lot smoother this morning!

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Trying to streamline support from this account a little, so we need your help!

When talking about #Tusky just hashtag, if you need to talk with us, you can @Tusky

Thank you in advance.

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One of the most frequent questions we get is: Why doesn't Tusky support push notifications?

Because pushing to devices would require us to use proprietary Google libraries and to run a relay server. But we want Tusky to be pure FOSS (free and open-source software) and don't want to send any data to Google so we decided not to implement push notifications at this time. We are researching other possibilities to make notifications faster though.


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