So, how about that 's fiasco that has been happening in the past few days?

Hell, Unity's most popular Reddit page changed its title to call for the resignation of the CEO, and included a tab called "Switching to Godot?" that links to 's page!

I know it sucks for Unity devs, but that kind of stuff puts a smile on my face. 😄

One free software SDL game that comes to mind is ( It's very light on resources, if that's what you mean by "small".

Boy, I haven't posted here for a while, didn't I?

I've been quite busy with work and some personal stuff as well, which means that I don't have too much free time (which I would rather not spend on social media).

is still being worked on! There's a big update coming, but it will take a while for me to release it.

Hope you're all doing fine, bye again for now!

New Hampshire (USA) may soon enshrine Software Freedom into law. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

@Phate6660 Working with FLOSS can be a thankless job sometimes, especially if you contribute to areas that people take for granted.

But hey, if you do it more for the love of it, you don't need to have your ego stroked all the time. 😉

As a long time contributor and member of the team, it feels nice to finally reach this personal milestone. Hope that I can make this number grow even further!

#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

, folks! 🎄 And a big wish for your projects to succeed and flourish!

Bought a tablet for digital drawing recently. Trying to get the hang of it by doing some simple stuff, so have a Godette (one of 's mascots).

Once again, I recommend everyone to check out , his videos are criminally underrated. His most recent one talks about and his grip on the .

I sadly don't have time for jams anymore. Between bouncing around the Godot project, my own projects, and my freelance job, my schedule tends to be tight.

But I wish a happy jamming for those participating!

The webpage currently isn't really geared towards mobile use (as you can see by the navbar being a cacophony in very small screens), hope I can improve that later on.

Better late than never, 0.5.0 is here, together with a website of its own (thanks, @codeberg)! 🌐 You can play the game in your browser there:

Coming with this version, is 4 new nanogames, support for joypads to be used in nanogames that require touch/mouse, and bugfixes. 🎮

This release is packed with the most recent version of the , 3.4.

Gitea (nightly edition) now has nodeinfo support. One (very tiny) step towards full federation. Thanks to @techknowlogick, @dachary @fedeproxy (and many others) for making this happen!

Today also (coincidentally) happened to be the day of the submission of the NLnet grant application for work on federation.

These are indeed very exciting times, and we are very proud and thankful of the community surrounding Gitea.

You probably have heard about YEDI and NERA by now, and this is important (people parsing Google/Facebook antitrust filing docs). Understand where the web is going. And how it became the walled garden colony it is today.

@elb @isharefreedom @fsf

The connection tends to be quite stable, with maybe one or two minor voice distortions. Our meetings tend to last at least one hour.

@elb @isharefreedom @fsf

We in the Godot Engine team use Jitsi for all our meetings (the public instance even), generally with 20+ people, and it pretty much gets the job done. Odd that you're having such problems.

Happy 38th anniversary to the GNnouncement that started it GNall: the announcement of the GNU operating system! Here's to 38 more years.

You better believe FSF staff was at Fight for the Future's protest at the Apple store in Boston! All users deserve to have full control, full freedom, and full privacy on their devices.

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