After a long time that should've been far shorter, version 0.4.0 of has been released! 🎉

Using the new 3.3 version of the , this release comes with 5 new nanogames, music, and lots of QOL improvements! 🛠️

Have fun, folks!

New guide with tips on how to design nanogames has just been released! 📚

And on the topic of Librerama, yes, the next version is taking a little longer to show up. I'm just waiting for the next 3.2 version of the to be released, which should be soon™.

Good news for those who use the and have their desktop use the Breeze icons. Now Godot project files have an icon of their own!

Together with the new 3.2.2 release of the , has also released its 0.2.0 version! 🎈
This version includes 3 new nanogames, a practice mode, a German translation, and tons of bugfixes!

You can see the full changelog and download the game here:

For those who know how to use the : the tutorial for how to develop a community nanogames for is now up! 🕹️

It has been quite a while since I made a sizable contribution to the , so here's a PR bringing back a old feature that was lost with the animation editor rewrite: Multiple key editing! 🎞️

I've recently been invited to join 's Bugsquad team! 🎊 Now I can help out labelling issue reports and confirming them, as well as merging minor PRs.

And now for the reason I made this account in the first place: Updates on personal projects! 🗞️

JSON Beautifier for Godot is now in its 1.1.0 version. Now with a new "uglify" method, and making use of new 'class_name' feature, meaning that you can just type "JSONBeautifier" without needing to 'preload' it anymore.

As one of the proud contributors of this amazing engine, I'm happy to share that 3.1 is out!


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