Even as a advocate, I see the as something positive.

A GNU/Linux computer that could not only become mainstream, but also be the first PC interaction of someone coming from consoles (one of the most closed down devices one can imagine) is something to look forwards to.

The fact that is uses @kde Plasma for a change is also very nice.

is nothing without freedom of speech, and what the Chinese government is doing to the citizens of is pure censorship.

It's in these moments that corporations like , , and most recently , just to name a few, show their true colors. Not of a rainbow, but of such greed that even helping such dictatorships is "justifiable", as long as it keeps the cash flowing.

Nowadays, where words being taken out of context is the norm, arguing semantics can be your demise.

I may have mixed feelings about 's opinions outside of technology, but on it, he has always hit the nail right on the head.

owes a lot to him, and I hope he keeps fighting the good fight after the storm has passed.


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