Better late than never, 0.5.0 is here, together with a website of its own (thanks, @codeberg)! 🌐 You can play the game in your browser there:

Coming with this version, is 4 new nanogames, support for joypads to be used in nanogames that require touch/mouse, and bugfixes. 🎮

This release is packed with the most recent version of the , 3.4.

Nice web design👌🏼. Just one quick feedback: As there was no iOS release, I went and opened “play online” on my iPhone and I had difficulties reading the text and etc. Considering that there is quite a lot of padding to the frame, it would be nice if there is either a way to make the frame fullscreen or it doesn’t even load the surroundings when the display resolution is small



The webpage currently isn't really geared towards mobile use (as you can see by the navbar being a cacophony in very small screens), hope I can improve that later on.

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