E para os meus colegas brasileiros: Cuidem-se! Não só por causa de vocês mesmos, mas pelos idosos de suas famílias. O nosso sistema de saúde já é precário em dias normais, ele não irá aguentar uma pandemia!

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's president just heavily downplayed the situation, asking for services to open up again. Lots of us here are not taking the virus seriously as well.

We Brazilians have the bad tendency to only open our eyes after reality slaps us in the face. And with our poor health system, it will slap us hard...

My city got it first reports of suspected infection by the recently. No motive for panic yet, but I guess it's just a question of time.

If quarantine happens, I'm an introvert who spend the majority of time inside, so no much changes for me, but I know for most this is gonna suck for a lot of people.

Stay safe.

Happy late day, I guess! 🙃 Was a little too busy to toot yesterday.

#GodotEngine contributors are thrilled and delighted to release our newest major update, Godot 3.2, after 10 months of work by 450 contributors!

The focus was on bugfixing and usability, but features weren't left out either. Read the blog for an overview!


Nothing special.
Just a printer chewing through some Prusa-slicer generated GCode and printing 3 calibration balls.
In Godot.

("printing" itself is done with builtin CSG facilities, however some meshes don't play nice with godot)

You can look at the code at notabug.org/Houkime/godot-3d-p

(though repo is a bit messy)

#3dprint #godot #godotengine

Few hours before the new year hits here in Brazil, so I would just like to say it already: 🎆

Been quite a while since I tooted anything, but still, happy Christmas/holidays/nothing to you all, fediverse! 🎄

is nothing without freedom of speech, and what the Chinese government is doing to the citizens of is pure censorship.

It's in these moments that corporations like , , and most recently , just to name a few, show their true colors. Not of a rainbow, but of such greed that even helping such dictatorships is "justifiable", as long as it keeps the cash flowing.

Nowadays, where words being taken out of context is the norm, arguing semantics can be your demise.

I may have mixed feelings about 's opinions outside of technology, but on it, he has always hit the nail right on the head.

owes a lot to him, and I hope he keeps fighting the good fight after the storm has passed.

Just stumbled over the stunning talk given by Eben Moglen about behavior, attention, privacy and freedom at in May this year.


I really liked his point that it's not required to invent new stuff to fix what's wrong today but "just" to undo stuff that went wrong in last years. Aligned very well with the idea of and the fediverse. And he even mentioned as a concrete solution.

It has been quite a while since I made a sizable contribution to the , so here's a PR bringing back a old feature that was lost with the animation editor rewrite: Multiple key editing! 🎞️

For anyone missing the old "Iconify" script for GIMP that helped generate "*.ico" files, I made a gist of it with some small modifications:

I've recently been invited to join 's Bugsquad team! 🎊 Now I can help out labelling issue reports and confirming them, as well as merging minor PRs.

Nifty free software news: the imaging software used by the Event Horizon Telescope, which was able to record the first
picture of a black hole, is licensed under the GPLv3! #blackhole #copyleft https://u.fsf.org/2sm

JSON Beautifier for Godot has been update to 1.1.1, with some trivial internal format changes.

And now for the reason I made this account in the first place: Updates on personal projects! 🗞️

JSON Beautifier for Godot is now in its 1.1.0 version. Now with a new "uglify" method, and making use of new 'class_name' feature, meaning that you can just type "JSONBeautifier" without needing to 'preload' it anymore.

As one of the proud contributors of this amazing engine, I'm happy to share that 3.1 is out!

For all FLOSS developers and users, happy day! 💘

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