Shame to see ' main dev stepping down from . I just hope that whatever is left of the contributors can keep the project alive.

Another from , that like all the others, will end up in nothing being changed at all.

Just sent a new pull request with more complete #GDScript refactor. It should be usable already (though likely full of bugs still): #GodotEngine

Are you fluent in any language other than English? Want to help translating a game? now has a wiki page for those who want to contribute with localization! 🌐

Together with the new 3.2.2 release of the , has also released its 0.2.0 version! 🎈
This version includes 3 new nanogames, a practice mode, a German translation, and tons of bugfixes!

You can see the full changelog and download the game here:

A great video about the recent (and not so recent) events by a great channel:

Librerama just got a page added to the ! There are plenty of other libre games there that you should check out as well:

For those who know how to use the : the tutorial for how to develop a community nanogames for is now up! 🕹️

The nanogame template repository is up! 📐 It serves as a base to develop your own community nanogames to be played in Librerama:

I'm proud to announce my pet project game: !

A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games.

It's still very much a work-in-progress, but maybe you can still have a little fun with it:

E para os meus colegas brasileiros: Cuidem-se! Não só por causa de vocês mesmos, mas pelos idosos de suas famílias. O nosso sistema de saúde já é precário em dias normais, ele não irá aguentar uma pandemia!

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's president just heavily downplayed the situation, asking for services to open up again. Lots of us here are not taking the virus seriously as well.

We Brazilians have the bad tendency to only open our eyes after reality slaps us in the face. And with our poor health system, it will slap us hard...

My city got it first reports of suspected infection by the recently. No motive for panic yet, but I guess it's just a question of time.

If quarantine happens, I'm an introvert who spend the majority of time inside, so no much changes for me, but I know for most this is gonna suck for a lot of people.

Stay safe.

Happy late day, I guess! 🙃 Was a little too busy to toot yesterday.

#GodotEngine contributors are thrilled and delighted to release our newest major update, Godot 3.2, after 10 months of work by 450 contributors!

The focus was on bugfixing and usability, but features weren't left out either. Read the blog for an overview!

Nothing special.
Just a printer chewing through some Prusa-slicer generated GCode and printing 3 calibration balls.
In Godot.

("printing" itself is done with builtin CSG facilities, however some meshes don't play nice with godot)

You can look at the code at

(though repo is a bit messy)

#3dprint #godot #godotengine

Few hours before the new year hits here in Brazil, so I would just like to say it already: 🎆

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