New guide with tips on how to design nanogames has just been released! 📚

And on the topic of Librerama, yes, the next version is taking a little longer to show up. I'm just waiting for the next 3.2 version of the to be released, which should be soon™.

Just recently, has reached 10 stars on its repository. For most this may be close to nothing, but for a little passion project that I expected nobody to pay attention, it means a lot. Thank you! ⭐

A for you all! 🍾 Let all the bad things from the last year wash away, as I'm sure their causes will be solved by the Earth completing a full circle around the Sun! 🙃

But seriously, happy new year folks! 😉

Day by day we lose the freedom to enjoy our media without having to be preapproved by the places where we get them.

Stay always from such places, get your stuff from services that don't restrict you!

A second relative of mine just died of COVID. Please, don't treat this disease as a joke just because it didn't happen with someone close to you. It can strike when you least expect it. Take care everyone...

Here's a preview of an asset that will be used in one of the new nanogames that are coming to the next update very soon.

Reminder that you can also see the game's development in its repository.

Estou pensando em montar um #GodotMeetupSP online. Por ser online a gente pode estender pro Brasil todo, naturalmente. O que acham? Mais detalhes na discussão do Meetup: #GodotEngine

I would like to thank Mr. Alistair for doing the very first gameplay video of ! Go check it out! 🎮

For anyone who was having trouble installing with the app, I have compressed all the files as a workaround to make it work there. Something I should've done even before that, actually.

Good news for those who use the and have their desktop use the Breeze icons. Now Godot project files have an icon of their own!

It's update time! 0.3.0 is here! 🎮

This update brings another trio of nanogames, big joypad improvements, interface tweaks, and bugfixes.

Shame to see ' main dev stepping down from . I just hope that whatever is left of the contributors can keep the project alive.

Another from , that like all the others, will end up in nothing being changed at all.

Just sent a new pull request with more complete #GDScript refactor. It should be usable already (though likely full of bugs still): #GodotEngine

Are you fluent in any language other than English? Want to help translating a game? now has a wiki page for those who want to contribute with localization! 🌐

Together with the new 3.2.2 release of the , has also released its 0.2.0 version! 🎈
This version includes 3 new nanogames, a practice mode, a German translation, and tons of bugfixes!

You can see the full changelog and download the game here:

A great video about the recent (and not so recent) events by a great channel:

Librerama just got a page added to the ! There are plenty of other libre games there that you should check out as well:

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