Here's another new release of #InfiniTime, the #opensource firmware for @PINE64 #PineTime.

You can now enjoy a new analog watchface along with a slightly improved digital one, and a new stopwatch app!

Release note and binaries :


@JF @PINE64 Saw this project the first time and I think it is interesting and I would like to test it. Can I buy the sealed version from PINE64 to install and test it or do I need the dev version?

@Xystel @JF @PINE64 I'm torn between wanting the watch for the wearing and wanting to make stuff for it, which requires the dev one.

@polychrome @Xystel @PINE64

I use my devkit to work on the projet, and a sealed one to wear as my daily watch ;)

@Xystel @PINE64
Thanks ;)

If you want to wear and use it as a watch, and only install stable versions of the firwmares, you can buy the sealed version (by pack of 3, I think).
But if you want to test many (beta) firmwares, debug your own code,... a devkit with a SWD adapter (to debug, flash, unbrick) would be more suitable.

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