Google algorithm gods now say that Plausible should rank on the first page for the word Plausible alongside the dictionaries

@markosaric Umm fun fact. They just advertised themselves on this community.

@markosaric I hope you are okay with it. Seeing that ya know you don't like them.


@markosaric I meant plausible advertise themselves on this community jst recently. I was wondering since you didn't like them whether you are okay with it.

@XxAlexXx I like Plausible, it is a startup I'm the co-founder of. where did I give an impression that I didn't like it?

@markosaric Then which service was it that you told that they were copying the same thing. Aw crap you are the co founder. I really didn't mean to insult. I thought U meant by plausible copying google or something like that.

@XxAlexXx ahhh no no. someone was copying Plausible. i sent the screenshot from some random new analytics company that copied us. and no worries! it's no problem :)

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