Employer (EM), Person (P)
EM: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
P: Introvert
EM: What do you see in cowerkers or those junior to you?
P: Their value and how much money they can help benefitting the company.
EM: Why did you pick this job?
P: I could scew people over, make judgements on people's salary and be a douchebag but no
one can rule me.
EM: Welcome aboard to HR Department. We are seeking individuals like you for this job.
P: Thank you

My dude,when we kill a human being, we are called a killer. So when we kill time, are we called time killer?

When do you guys plan on expecting to upload your brain to the internet

When you wait for a waiter, doesn't that make you a waiter?🤔

Guys, when you buy a bigger bed, you have a bigger bed room but less bedroom😱

Find the word
First is the first of the first
Second is two zeroes
Last is the last of the last

Me: How many bots does mastodon need?
Mastodon: Yes

Answer: Because your imagination will help you imagining one out of thin air

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Can anyone explain the increase in star war reference? I am not a fan of star war?

Is today star war's day? Or did I miss something. Why do I see star wars?

Your in between a crossroad, you have been given a reward. But you can only pick one
A flight to marks and a 20 million dollars
A Linux Laptop that can beat all windows laptop in terms of performance and can run any distro. Also it has open source parts.

A messiah fron 1400 years ago said the correct quote and is more knowledgeable than you people. Be kind to youngsters. Only then will you get your respect. There shluld be a balance in terms of action. After all “For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction”.

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I do not endorse any religion. But I read from a religious book a quote which should be how this quote actually is. “Young people should respect their elders” But get this. “Elders should be kind to their youngsters” I think only when the second clause is done should the first clause be neccessary. If your elder then me and kind to me, I respect you. If your a douchebag, I have no obligation towards you. The quote is being misused by elders a lot. Well guess what.

The realisation when the person your talking to is a female on online when you didn't care is soo damn awkward. Well, I kinda go a little careful when talking to female (no I am not a sexist, I had worse dealings with female who complain when talking casually or trash talk (Don't ask me about the horrors of Karens)😑 So I don't tend to talk casually to female individual. So I would feel awkward when a person I am talking online casually turned out to be a female. Who can relate?
(not sexist)

Have you ever had a 3 am comtemplating life decision moment

Unmm question, how do you explain to a girl that her big chest is the reason why (Girls, don't hate me, the situation itself is weird) her screen is doing weird thing. Cause that hits the keyboard does some stuff and now she expects me to fix it? What should I say to not look like a creep as well to not make the whole situation embarassing?

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