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Wow New york needs to check themselves. Asking data from a delivery service. Wtf? How the hell are they supposed to get mine? I pay them for their product, and they give me the product. Why do they need my personal info for the product? That makes no sense and New York Legislatives suck.
Why is no one talking about this awesome open source open patented project which helps in creating antivirals for covid? People should talk about it.

The recent anonymous hacking is the opposite of their core ethos which is free speech to everyone. Why the hell did they hack Epik? I also don't like some right winged opinion over there. But this is basically censorship. Wtf? Even though their opinions might be wrong, this is not the way to do it. Why the hell did they scare the people who are putting their opinions on he internet? That is not who Anonymous is.

If we were to make an operating system in C or C++ or Rust, Which will be faster?
And which will have easier code making as well as maintenance (less bugs and security flaws)?

It would be amazing if Linux could run on a potato

Our phones are getting more and more powerful by the year. Now it is soo powerful that it can fight against full fledge desktops. Now thatour phones are powerful. Here is a food for thought: Why don't we fix the thermal issues of our components as well as the battery technology? The heat problems of these cpus degrade their lifetime as well as performance over time. If we could develop methods to help in cooling or deceasing the heat of our cpus, then we can take a step forward in durability.

I could get behind the framework laptop due to its repairability and modularity. Its an amazing product for a market filled with anti competitive behaviour as well as less user power. Its hard to fix a laptop when you don't even have the schematics of their products. The only things I worry are that they don't just run away and become a total scam like the example before them which Linus had supported. The laptop industry should step back and fix their core fundamentals.

This issue that firefox android had foe years that even there was a blog made on it. Why haven't they fixed it?
If you watch a video at let's say 2x or 1.75x speed. The audio gets jittery and te video gets kinda slideshowy. It is a mess. And this was documented and told to firefox android. 1 year and they still haven't fixed one of the core issue they have which is playing a normal fricking video. Dame

This is in no offence to the admins of this server or anybody for that matter. Hopefully no one got pissed. I was just stating my observations as well as an issue I see when creating these summarizations.

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Lol that's funny. Fosstodon's terms and services hwve been summarized in tosdr by the person who owns the damn instance.
Mike Stone. The guy is literally the admin of fosstodon. I don't know if it should be illegal or what but there should be some rules put in place so that the people of that website cannot use the tosdr add on to make it favourable for them.

What the heck!!!!
Why the hell does mastodon's terms and service allow admins to disclose their user information without so much as notifying them.

Which language is best at creating a browser engine? C or C++. Like for security and privacy as well as efficiency. And how hard is it to create a browser engine from scratch.

Smart Homs gadgets suck. They can easily get hacked, can easily spy on you in your house, when hacked the hacker can just use the device to spy you on your own house. I know it makes life easier for you but it makes life easier for any bad actors in your life as well. They could hack a smart device and just record your audio. And they could create chaos in the house. I will live a more analog style if that means some script kitty cannot ruin my house with some stupid hack.

Man creating a good story out of a boring task as hacking and making it factually accurate is a big task.

Mr Robot nailed on both departments. It shows possible hackings which is real as well as making a guy typing on a computer visually appealing as well as making a story around it.
Its a good to watch series for hacker lovers out there.

When the damn people (their new website) puts brave in the same category as google chrome, then you know they did some f'ed up crap. Transparency is a must for any privacy software

Also nobody should be in the room when you say this. Especially your partner. We don't want any “tragedies” to happen.

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When you use the nut to crush the nutty part of the nut so that the nut is eatable.

Try saying that out loud faster a couple of times

Self reminder,
Learn your IDE, it might have more functions which can help in making the process faster or easier.
Also automate repititive tasks using macros.

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