For anyone wondering I am referring to the microsoft emails leaks in which they tried to ruin Linux

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Microsoft:*In early years to Linux*: WHY EON'T YOU DIE LIKE THE REST OF THEM?
Linux: I am just built different.

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Some of the productive , secure and alternatives to commonly used apps to use everyday ..

1. Signal App: A cross-platform messaging app - with privacy at its heart -

2. Bitwarden: Use a password manager: Safer, easier, better -

[A Masto Thread]..

Every journey starts with a single step
Every company starts with a single idea
Every codebase starts with a single code
And every social media starts with an A (advertising)

I have been reading light novels of animes and there are some good gems out there. Somone should try out classroom of the elite Light novel.

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Android Apps Hot Take:

1) Newpipe - YouTube without the cancer

2) RedReader - Reddit without an account and ads

3) Feeder - RSS Feed Reader

4) K9 Mail - Email Client for Gmail etc

5) Tusky - Multiple Account Mastodon Client

6) Fluffychat - Matrix Client

7) Conversations - xmpp client

8) Droid-ify - Amazing App Store - Google-free

9) IceRaven - Firefox with a lot of good addons

For any anime watchers out there, why couldn' anime like now be reproduced in the 90s cause the 90s animes have not eye pleasing animation. So what changed? I means graphics is not a huge factor in 2d.

Every hollywood movie: *Some typing Later* I am in the FBI.
Me: *Some typing Later* Finally found that question on stack overflow.

All my friends are on insta and asking me to be on it multiple times. Me on the other hand knowing the truth and danger of instagram and understanding the underlying dangerous coccaine it is is not it cause the dangers and risk far outweigh the benefits. When will people understand that social media is dangerous and research has proven how much it affetcs teenagers. They are not afraid of their data being taken. But knowing what I know, I know they should. 😓

Everybody here transitioning from twitter. Me on the other hand: I never had twitter. I am a pure bred mastodonian. Because twitter contains “facts” but I want tech and memes.

Man When I didn't have internet, steam deck released, proton got amazing updates and all the linux kde's got new versions. It feels like I will be left out if I don't have internet for a year. Catching up feels like a marathon and being up to date is like a rush. Next thing you know, I will hear linux having desktop marketshare when losing my internet for years. (And yes I can survive without wifi)

Me realising Apple phones are the most constant thing in technology nowadays -_-

But when I uninstall some annoying apps it shows failure -1000.
I want to flash a custom rom but I am without a pc. Pls help. I am in paaiiinnnnn.
This is worse than having to deal with samsung

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I met the bane of my existence. I carry the thing that keeps privacy advocates up at night, that strikes fear into the very nature of privacy, that puts a grim reminder everytime you open the app. And I have zero tools to combat it. I am in a location with a redmi 9 ace with no pc and only android devices. It was given to me as a present by a person who I will meet everyday so I have to show that I am using it. But its soo adware garbage. I uninstalled many apps using adb with help of bugjaegar.

Welp going to motherland tomorrow. Wish me luck.

If you were to explain command pallet to an absolute beginner, how would you explain it? Want to see how this goes.

US insurance System. 

The system where your injury decides your insurance plan is BS. You will get worse insurances when you have a chance of higher injuries. Wtf? How is that fair in anyway? (U.S)
2 of the most expensive things: Healthcare and Law.
Two fundamental stuff which just so happens to be soo expensive that even normal people don't want to get involved. Like getting your covid health treatment is soo expensive even with insurance. Imagine without. Paaiiinnnn.

The irony of a propietary cpu not being compatible with propietary DRMs.
*cough* Intel *cough* Older games DRM *cough*

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