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So, I need to study some math on my spare time, how to do it? Are there any good online courses?

Playing A Hat In Time for the first time now, damn it's a good game with Mario vibes.

So, started to search for cheap used hardware to run a MC server again with mods, we tested RLCraft and it was kinda neat, a lot harder than vanilla at least.. Hopefully I'll find something cheaper than renting a server.

I said to my roomie that I slept bad tonight and can't do productive stuff, he bought snacks and wipped out the extended LOTR movies on blueray, I guess I'm stuck here.

Damn, I woke up late.. Well, time for RPG games. Mutant here I come!

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So. After yesterday's dumb adventure, I guess a bucket of coffee is in order? β˜•

Anxiety storytime. 

Dentist at 7? Wake up nervous at 5:15 in the morning, not because of the dentist, but because I need to face real humans outside my home? Dropping coffee on the floor? Check, check aaaand check. 😴

Just checked out , it's really a big F you to Instagram. Looks really neat, the only issue is that most people i follow / follow me on Instagram wont change platform. 😴

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Iraq blocks Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, then shuts down internet amid civil unrest - NetBlocks

Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory show that Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social and messaging apps have been blocked in Iraq by multiple internet providers as of ...

So, fedilab is great but it doesn't give me any notifications, what's the deal with that?

Friends got mad at me because I said that relationships are nothing for me.
Why tho, odd norm.

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Nvm, got lift from a friend. That's ironic.

Climate demonstration today in Gothenburg, supergood incentive, only sad part is that the centre is totally crowded and I can't get home.

So my doc asked me to create a calendar and get some structure in my life again so I can fight depression. Wish me luck, waking up 8:00 instead of 17:00 will be a hard one.

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