Some days in and my op1 battery is dying. For some odd reason replace had them with one day delivery. Neat

Man, i'm so tired i think ima pass out.

Work is seriously stressing me out rn, they don't give our department enough cash to handle the workflow and ask why it's slow. Ahhhhh

Also, big shoutout to the guys for making my banking apps not shit themselves.

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Still waiting for my charge port, so I started using my Oneplusone again because I need a phone that's not a phone from work. It still starts after all these years of neglect in a drawer, and I can still have the latest security patch via LOS. Amazing lifespan for a 200 euro phone from 2014.

So it seems like Intel got smacked by AMD this time around, wow, it feels like I'm back in 2008 again laughing at everyone from my little Phenom cave.

So today the quest for my new keyboard starts, or well, second keyboard. Going to build my own with a solarized theme. Gonna be fun, and totally aids because corona makes everything be out of stock zz.

Played Guacamelee! this weekend, instantly bought the second one. Really fun Metroidvania beat em up featuring magical guacamole and spooky bone men

Got fever and a sore throat today during lunch. Guess I'm done for lol

So, I'm trying to get away from the PC during my spare time because I sit a lot during work, so I picked up baking.

My office now loves me, since I drop off sweets, cookies and cakes every other day. I'm starting to get good at this.

Bad news: can't sleep
Good news: got my salary, bought a new e-reader since my old kicked the bucket. The Kobo Libra H20 is really neat. Good PPI.

Goal added: You may want to consider getting a job with majestic 12.

Today's soundtrack during work: Yakuza 0.
Man, I do love that game. If I get Corona I'll try 100% it.

A month into my new job, my boss likes me and guess I perform well. I consume way to much cofe and podcasts, corona has not killed me.

I guess things are finally kinda stable again. Phew, time to plan new tattoos and look for a larger apartment.

My boss seems to like me.
Should I be suspicious.. Hmm.

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