2 hours of sleep.
Man, this day will be wonderful.

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Going through things my brain has held me back from doing... Today the shirtprint/phonewallpapers for a thing happening in Gislaved
(husband-dude who thinks metal aesthetics is dorky went "oh nice, yeah if I where a middle aged nerd who liked death metal I'd think it looked cool" :) )

The waiting room at my dentist is basically like a holding pen for deathrow prisoners.

No sleep again? Guess coffee wasn't that great of an idea.

Tbh would recommend Yakuza 0 to anyone who has not played any Yakuza game yet. Been plasterd to this the past week, totally worth the 20 bucks on Steam. (You should use a controller tho).

Watch "Yakuza 0 - Daisaku Kuze theme (Pledge of Demon ~怨魔の契り~)" on YouTube - youtu.be/JHQa1SA3EtI

Nasty WinRAR bug is being actively exploited to install hard-to-detect malware - arstechnica.com/?p=1474331

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Told ya.

Death metal inspires joy not violence, according to a study. - bbc.com/news/science-environme

Fun fact, in DoD there are several variants of Ducks in society. Yes, ducks are a playable race. (Unless your DM just removes them)

Anka (folkslag) - Svenska rollspel - svenskarollspel.nu/wikia/Anka_

Sunday is so far away, but I want to play DoD right now, darn it.

The future is now.

"Vivo APEX 2019 hands on: No ports, no buttons!" on YouTube - youtu.be/2Fi0CYKeXm8

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So you wanna be an anarchist... Show more

Really love MicroG. Finally apps that rely on google services work as expected without play services killing my battery.

Time for pen and paper.
Really love Sundays, DoD days are the best days.
Anyone else playing?

Justice was served. 👺

Man arrested for choking driver who wouldn't stop singing Christmas carols - pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/0

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