Ubuntu 19.10 looks neat, but for me Manjaro still looks more neat.

So, i made a Steam review of A Hat in Time, it's no joke one of the best platformers I've ever played. Wish it was a bit longer tho, perfect for speed running if anything else.

The cheapest 2080 is around 800 Euros with tax in Sweden, I have the money but its hard to justify one month of living expenses for hardware.. And let's not talk about a new platform.. Zzz

Sigh, I soon need to update my PC again, it's been like 5+ years soon and the GPU is really showing it's age, but it's so god damn expensive to hop platform from Z87..

My friend moved to Gothenburg today, congrats on him moving to the best place in Sweden. Now he finally can see his friends more than once a month, and he doesn't have to fight with his crazy family. On Monday we're job hunting together. 😤

So, XMPP is neat with Conversation i guess. What other services are there that you can use that are a bit more.. Modern maybe? Conversations design language was outdated 6 years ago if anything. Wire looks neat, but i guess I'll need something that is more widespread. Signal maybe?

I made stirfry today, trying to work on my chinese style cooking.
It was 6/10, guess it works.

So, giving XMPP a shot again, got my new address approved, posted it in my BIO if anyone would care. Tudelu.

i take back the "game being short" part, just noticed that i don't have all the DLC's which adds several new areas, besides, there are community maps and runs to do. Oh boy, i guess I'll be stuck here for a while...

Soon done with the main time pieces in a hat in time, wish the game was a bit longer.. Tbh, it's so good I'd consider picking up speed running again just to run this game, a must play.

Morning Fedi, today i'm doing absolutely NOTHING and eating pesto.

I love how some friends I have are mad because I'm not a frequent user of Facebook for messages, what's the deal? How do they cope with people that don't have Facebook? This is just stupid.

Man, what's wrong with Windows. If I format my drive to exFAT in Manjaro, it works fine in Manjaro but Windows wont recognise the drive as usable, if I format it as exFAT in Windows it works both ways..? The heck.

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