Played Guacamelee! this weekend, instantly bought the second one. Really fun Metroidvania beat em up featuring magical guacamole and spooky bone men

Got fever and a sore throat today during lunch. Guess I'm done for lol

So, I'm trying to get away from the PC during my spare time because I sit a lot during work, so I picked up baking.

My office now loves me, since I drop off sweets, cookies and cakes every other day. I'm starting to get good at this.

Bad news: can't sleep
Good news: got my salary, bought a new e-reader since my old kicked the bucket. The Kobo Libra H20 is really neat. Good PPI.

Goal added: You may want to consider getting a job with majestic 12.

Today's soundtrack during work: Yakuza 0.
Man, I do love that game. If I get Corona I'll try 100% it.

A month into my new job, my boss likes me and guess I perform well. I consume way to much cofe and podcasts, corona has not killed me.

I guess things are finally kinda stable again. Phew, time to plan new tattoos and look for a larger apartment.

My boss seems to like me.
Should I be suspicious.. Hmm.

Watch "Big Iron But it's Been Shagged by an Audiophile and Rendered Using a Biscuit Tin" on YouTube

Cw, sexfest 

My friend invited me to his "new apartment" party, which turns out to be the pre-party before they're going to a fetish sexparty and he invited me. I'm so flattered that I said no.
I guess I'm to introvert for these kinds of things, but I accidentally accepted to join them next time.

gosh darn it

Man i dislike afterworks with a new company. Idk how to behave when I'm drunk around new people.

Just had my first gym experience ever. I haven't trained since I was in a Swimming club at the age of 14, that's 11 years ago.. Man my legs hurt after running, guess cardio will be the name of the game in the beginning.

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