Update, it's not corrosion it's bacteria, so I can still save it. YEA!

I guess that's it, we had a good run my friend but this is the end.

Just finished the main story of Yakuza Kiwami 2, holy heck the game is good. Actually thinking of getting a PS4 just for the rest of the games.

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Spent the entire day doing illustration work... this is as far as I got for today (there will be stuff above this, and the B/W will be colorized, shifted into less contrast and sooo much fiddlyness, but these are the inks)

So, I'm looking for message alternatives that I can use for me and my friends. We have already looked at Signal and Telegram, and they work I guess but what other alternatives are there? Open source stuff primarily.

So got my new parts for my PC, but I'm too lazy for draining the water cooling and rebuilding everything again, so I've spent two days trying to learn Mahjong instead so I can get achievements in Yakuza Kiwami, priorities.

Started playing Mordhau, god damn the game is fun.
Highly recommend this crazy 64 player game of bashing skulls.

My friend was on his way back from work and thought about buying a burger. When he walked in to the burger joint a hailstorm started, and when he was done eating it stopped.

Its a burger sign.

So i gave a try and so far this is really polished and modern looking, really love the desktop, makes gnome feel like a slug.

So, anyone here using services? Any caveats?

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'if you're a matrix.org user you should change your password now.'

It's running again, but:
'The hacker exploited a vulnerability in our production infrastructure'


#infosec #matrix

Every time I'm forced to use Windows because of game compatibility I think my brain has a meltdown.

Just realised that twitter changed their public API a while back so DM's doesn't work with Twidere, lucky us Mastodon is not trashing stuff like that.

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ya sleep is some shit for poor people who can't afford energydrinks

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