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Microsoft's new "package manager" is not a package manager, its a installer downloader.

OpenCV is such a powerful library, I'm amazed that I didn't discover it earlier.
I'm finding the `remap` function especially useful right now, while working on software for polar satellite groreferencing & geometry correction.

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why does my brain commit die when I'm trying to code at 14:00 but shoot into performance mode when I'm trying to sleep at 23:30 damnit

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"GitLab has memory leaks."

Their solution is monkey patching their application to check its memory usage after every 16th HTTP request and commit suicide if it's too much. This page is telling sysadmins who install their own GitLab instance how to configure this.

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ISP, IPv6, rant 

My goddamn ISP still doesn't support IPv6, its been **8 years** since the spec was published, for gods sake. And yet they *apparently* support IPv6 but the crappy router they provide doesn't work with it.
They worst part is that they will be rolling it out over the "next few years", like WERE ALREADY OUT OF IPV4 ADDRESSES

I wrote another blog post, this time about hardening nginx. It's a bit rough around the edges but should get the general idea across. I'm also thinking of starting

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Looking for an open-source Grammarly alternative?

Well, glad that I found this!

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Renewed my domain today. Having my own website where nothing but the legal system is there to moderate my thoughts, is great. No one trying to make a profit out of my content, no one who limits your reach in order to sell you "promoted" content space, no privacy intrusion.

My creation, My place, My rules! And everyone who finds a platform they don't consider to respect them, should start an own website.

I started a blog! Thanks to @WhoNeedszZz for recommending me Currently I've only written 1 pretty boring post about remote collaboration software but there's more to come...

I donated the 6 pence in Keybase account to @tails. But hey, every little counts.

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Zoom acquired Keybase today.

Keybase helped me to identify a trend in the software industry: using a pretty UI to cover up the disruption of an open ecosystem with a closed, centralized replacement. Keybase seemed cool on the face of it - making encryption easier is a laudible goal, and PGP certainly could use the improvement. But, thanks to Keybase, now I ask different questions upfront.

Beware the Keybase formula:

1. Integrates with an existing, open ecosystem
2. May have open-source clients, but server is closed source and does not federate
3. Pretty UI and good marketing
4. VC funded

Recently Riot/Matrix has really improved. And E2EE is finally a lot more polished.

For context: I've been using it since it was "stable"

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Thinking of starting a blog, any advice or recommendations for software, so far these are some of the ones that look good to me:

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Consider the following:

1. #Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has clandestine supply-chain-attack capability on #Keybase, and

2. Keybase is used by a lot of people to sign their #git commits and whatnot.


3. Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has potential supply-chain-attack capability on a lot of software whose git commits are signed using keys that touch Keybase.

#ThisIsFine #InfoSec

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Just reading the news about the acquisition of by today... curious what people in the FOSS community think of it? 🤔

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on what day did you reply to this poll?

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