This is a bit of a far shot. But does anybody have any info on differential encoding used in FengYun HRPT. If so it would be incredibly useful and highly appreciated.

@sjanes Sadly non-FOSS software, the reverse engineering would probably be harder than just brute forcing combinations until the diff decoding works.

@Xerbo Might have to look at the papers that were published before these systems were developed/deployed to see what the "latest" codec fad was.

@sjanes As far as I know it was intended to use the MetOp protocol, but was changed last minute. I have a document detailing the protocol and a hint from which helped a lot but doesn't cover how the streams should be interleaved.

@Xerbo I found this, not sure if it's relevant:

The latest commit is "Add FengYun differential decoder"

@skunksarebetter Ha, that's actually the software I'm working on with the developer. The problem is that there's 2 data streams and they somehow need to be interleaved with each other.

@Xerbo Ah, I see. If I come across anything new I'll make sure to notify you.

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