I've installed Nextcloud on ...
Why ? Because I can. 😁

Now you can literally have your cloud in your pocket !

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@Wivik I thought you meant a nextcloud client :D that's really cool!

@Wivik @totoroot do you also connect to the instance on your phone from other devices? And how? Do you have some kind of DynDNS service running on your PinePhone?

@gabor @totoroot That was just a podman run of Nextcloud server image for the fun on the Pinephone's Manjaro. πŸ˜…
Pinephone is too slow for a suitable real instance IMHO.

BTW, after doing this I'm now wondering if it's possible to synchronize two NC instances... Like having a remote one and a fully operational offline on the device.

@Wivik @totoroot there is the federated share option so I suppose you could use that to set it up

@IceWolf A little slowly, it was a test with a podman container and default settings.

@alienghic A little slowly, it was a test with podman and default settings.

based on "can I run a container on the pinephone ?", yes, we can. πŸ˜„ Hmm... Thinking about putting a fediverse server on my phone when it finally shows up...

@Wivik i mean, thats cool and all but you can literally run nextcloud on any phone

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