Some quick feedback following first tests.

I need to learn how to setup correctly the printer and the prints with Cura.
Cura by Dagoma has presets that abstracted a lot.
I don't understand why the nozzle temp is never applied in Gcode (0°). I always have to set it directly on printer. 🤔

The Ender 3 v2 seems to be slower than the Disco ultimate. The same print is 2x longer in duration estimate.

Very very silent, the moves are noiseless. The fans are not to much noisy.

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Printed the cat provided on SD card. Very nice, the heated glass bed provides a really good attach.

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Only one hour for assembly. The instructions are not always very clear and the components identification should be more detailed.

The new screen is very nice, it's a beautiful upgrade. It's not a touchscreen like the CR-6-SE but it's clearly more modern.

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I've designed with SketchUp this balcony support for Netatmo rain/wind gauge.

I've made my mind, my next will be the Creality Ender 3 v2.

It seems to be a nice upgrade of the previous model for a low price.

In fact, the first choice was the CR-6 SE but there is no stock for UE and no resupply plan according to the support :(

I've bought an e-book reader recently. I'm impressed by the e-ink screens, they're amazing !

Any advice regarding open libraries for epub books ? Like tech documentation books, etc.

I wrote an article about how to create a photo gallery with Hugo. (in french)

After a lot of procrastination, I've brought back my photos gallery online.

I've used Hugo instead of Piwigo, it's working fine and the result is nice with Autophugo theme (

However, Git doesn't like to handle so much binary files. That's a first try, I'll need to do some improvements.

Any user who can share an experience regarding Wanhao printers ?

They seems to be very good and not really expensive.

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Don't be fooled: Google's latest announcement on third-party cookies doesn't mean it will stop tracking you. We’ve built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in Google’s latest tracking experiment:

Set header on my websites for Floc opt-out : done.

I wanted to try to migrate a test VM to but sadly, they wont support migrations from CentOS 8 Stream.

Well, I'm good for a manual install from ISOs. 😅

Habits can be really misleading...

I used to install KeepassX and a couple of months ago I've found out KeepassXC and thought "wow, that a big upgrade".

Yes indeed, KeepassX is dead since 4 years 😑

Handle with care ... A bad move with Tonberry's knife and it's instant death 😬

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Found them in an old box... Brings back some memories and also...

... Damn ! it was 20 years ago !! 😅

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