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Me, yesterday, after several failed attemp to launch a

"I hate 3D printing !"

Watching Star Trek Picard, S2E5 so far. 

Something's bothering me in this series. In the parts for which the setting is in France, why the characters have an american accent while speaking French ?

I've ordered the BL Touch for my ender 3 v2, I hope it'll be more stable regarding the bed alignment.

I've found a nice model of the Enterprise E on thingiverse. First batch if pieces done. It's a huge baby, scaled to 25% here.

And it's good :)
dnf remove nvidia-akmod + xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-\*
Reinstall nvidia-akmod
Back on Nvidia driver and a fluid display \o/

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OK that's because Nouveau is the default driver again, I suppose I just have to reinstall the nvidia driver.

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Weird, the GUI is lagging only when I have software opened (like the browser). Both Cinnamon and Gnome have the issue.

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Back on business, but the display is lagging... Maybe the nvidia driver is having an issue.

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While the PC is cooking fedora 's upgrade, this one is done.
Attempt for an home made chocolate brioche. 😋

Last week, I've made something useless. Now let me introduce it properly.

I've started watching Star Trek Picard S2, 2 eps so far. The first season was quite nice, and this new one is starting on a direction I didn't expect.

Fedora 36 is out \o/

cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 34 (Thirty Four)

Ok, I should upgrade to 35.

I've finished the New Game + the first main story of , and started Heavensward expansion in this way too.

A pretty cool feature to rediscover a content played almost ten years ago.

I was looking for another series to rewatch after Futurama. The choice have been made!

According to two French child protection associations : Twitter is in violation of the current French laws prohibiting the distribution of pornography to minors and demand its blocking in France. (article in French)

Epilogue : As confirmed by Tuxedo, the Pulse is not compatible with DP over USB. After a deeper search, it looks like this feature is not available for AMD-based computers ?

So I've returned the Asus screen for a refund.

However, I've found another similar model that have a builtin HDMI port and can be powered over USB too (the MSI MAG162V), and the reviews I've seen seems pretty good too, and it's almost the same price.

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