Je me suis installé récemment pour pouvoir gérer une galerie photo publique.

A cette occasion, je vous propose un petit retour d'expérience et avis sans grande prétention sur l'outil :

Dispatch notification received today for my from @PINE64 , estimated delivery for Sept. 15th.

Can't wait !

Hello Everyone !

I'm always concerned about the security of my servers and services installations and looking for a good security scanner software. I'm not a security expert and I find tou these softwares are a good way to learn common mistakes or flaws.

I used to utilize with Arachni but the project is no longer maintained. I also use sqlmap to check the database side.

Any advices please ?

Hello World !
After procrastinating my procrastination I've finally decided to try a Mastodon instance to see how it works and integrates with other federated tools.
I'm a French freelance IT guy, mainly in integrating and automatize software deployment and technical architecture. I'm also a Free software and self-hosting enthusiast who likes to discover new things. Also also I like old school big robots animation, videogames, photography, and other things

Thanks for the fish😀


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