@linux They might be. I wonder if replacing the battery would speed up an old macbook.

@linux Their Macbook in particular had glitched the SMC, so they had to reset it by holding the power button and another key and something with power.

@sir So I can integrate my app with sourcehut? Or sourcehut integrates with something else?

@linux I don't think so. What do you mean by FPS limiter?

@linux I tri-boot Windows, macOS, and Linux. I have a 60hz laptop monitor.

@linux I use Geforce NOW because I play on a Macbook

@linux (oh and it's free while it's in beta, and it's been in beta for 6 years)

@linux Yeah. Like Stadia but it's been around since 2013.

@linux Interesting. Unfortunately, I have to use Windows or macOS because GeForce NOW doesn't work on linux.

Nope. Back to Windows. Razer Synapse is Windows only :(

@ocean 🎶 There were llamas, llamas, wearing pink pajamas in the store...

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Hey typography geeks!

What's your thought on spaces around em dashes?

I've always been of the opinion that em dashes shouldn't have spaces around them.

However, recently I've noticed that this doesn't work all that well in monospaced fonts (where em dashes, "—", are frequently not any longer than en dashes, '–").

And, many times (e.g., email) I don't know what font will be used. So I'm thinking about adding spaces as a general practice.


Anyone know how to bypass space to dash conversion in Discord channel names? The double thin space trick doesn't work anymore in the API.

@artfulsodger Yeah I had done that for ntfs-3g and now it's gone lol

It seems that macOS has become very locked down lately. They moved a bunch of config files to a read-only partition.

@ataraxia937 Yeah that's... less than ideal. At least manually sizing it up is semi-usable :(

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