I think it's time to upgrade to Ubuntu Server 20.04 from 18.04 because I need to mdadm RAID-0 the boot drive.

@mike There's also a few very impressive games there. Starscape is one of them.

@gudenau There doesn't seem to be. You can middle click the refresh button though

@yarmo I'm not saying that it's bad, I just noticed and thought it was interesting :)

@wizzwizz4 Okay thanks :D

I was probably going to end up with a bunch of the same thing and copying code from StackOverflow trying to get it to not tell me that I have the wrong type or something.

@kai I've used it on a Raspberry Pi, had to make my own image though because most images don't have an ARM build.

Kind of want to RIIR my website lol rocket.rs/

I've never used Rust before

It's fine for an *app* but not really for a site...

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I have no idea why I thought it'd be a good idea to build a website in React...

@yarmo Another potential option is hugo and rebuild constantly as I type my post?

@wizzwizz4 Yeah I mostly use vanilla JS and sometimes a microframework like express.js

@yarmo Looks very similar to express/pug, which is the stack I have the most experience with.

@wizzwizz4 Yeah, by no server I mean no special server. I could throw it up on literally any hosting. Although it has to have the "every page is index.html if it doesn't exist" thing so that point is moot.

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