I had attempted starting in Jun 2020. After 2 months, I decided that I wanted to write and not post publicly. However, after a few days I stopped writing.

I'd like to start 100 days again but I'm not sure what approach I should take. I see these options:
1. Continue and possibly fail because there are only four months left to write ~80 posts.
2. Continue but reset the timer.
3. Completely start over.

Which one do you think I should choose? I am leaning toward option #2. @kev?

@Gina Okay, I'll go with that. Thanks for reassuring me :)

@Wingy @Gina yeah, go with 2 man. The whole point of 100 Days is to be fun. You do whatever improves the fun factor for you!

@Wingy @kev I'd go with either #2 or #3. One of the goals should be to have fun and there is little use in something that might stress you out in the process 🙂

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