I have multiple Masto accounts that I don't use. What should I do?

Delete or forget about them until I explore my password manager again?

@Wingy transfer them to your main account (thereby migrating all your followers)

@Wingy yeah it’s in settings > account > account settings. Make sure to add an alias account in the main account for each old account then login to each old account to do the transfer

@Wingy I'm a delete kind of guy. I don't like having dangling accounts and such.


> why?

it can be useful when trying to explore different sides of an issue. sort of like playing chess with yourself.

@Nikolai_Kingsley Ah okay that makes sense. Sometimes it's hard to tell if something is serious or joke on the internet :)

@Nikolai_Kingsley I think maybe @jordan31 didn't know about the transfer feature?

@Wingy @Nikolai_Kingsley nope, I was not aware of that feature. But I still do not care for multiple accounts on the same platform. I like to keep things consolidated.

@jordan31 @Nikolai_Kingsley I might advocate for the opposite personally. Having several accounts on one platform reduces tracking ability. If you have several accounts profiling should be less accurate?

@jordan31 @Nikolai_Kingsley Possibly also helps with risk of accidentally getting banned.

@Wingy @Nikolai_Kingsley Or could be more data points to study and draw a better picture of the indivuale.

@jordan31 @Nikolai_Kingsley If they can connect these accounts (seems plausible given that you might have the same IP, browser, behaviors, and password) learning that you use several accounts could greatly increase their profiling and you could start getting ads for VPN services or something. That makes sense to me.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Wingy

and about as much fun, unless you're really good at internalization.

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