Thread of services I'm deleting my accounts on

The button to delete Google isn't in either of these

Turns out it was under Data & Personalization.

Deleted a Google alt account.

Sent a delete account request to Hamachi support.

Looks like Mixer deleted my account for me. Thanks!

Looks like Opera forgot I exist from a few years ago.

Seems that Dreamhost can't be deleted. It can only be "closed".

@Wingy For websites that wont delete just deactivate, I usually do this..

I change the email address to a temporary email address generated for example here:

Then I change any personal info with a random generated equivalent:

If I created content, like social networks, I delete everything.

Then, I ask to "deactivate" the account like they wanted.

Once deactivated, I delete the temporary email.

Done 😅

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