Nope. Back to Windows. Razer Synapse is Windows only :(


Did you check this out? Not sure if it's related but found such option.

@linux Interesting. Unfortunately, I have to use Windows or macOS because GeForce NOW doesn't work on linux.


What is GeForce NOW? Some type of streaming service?

@linux Yeah. Like Stadia but it's been around since 2013.


I see. So what are the definitive advantages of it over, say, Stadia?

@linux (oh and it's free while it's in beta, and it's been in beta for 6 years)


Have you checked out Steam 'Remote Play Together' ? (Which also goes with Linux.

* Play local multiplayer games with Steam Friends online

* Stream video, audio, input, and voice between players

* Use your own controllers, or share control of the keyboard & mouse

*Play together across Windows, Mac, and Linux

@linux I use Geforce NOW because I play on a Macbook


Once heard that Macs have some type of FPS limiter? Is this true still?

@linux I tri-boot Windows, macOS, and Linux. I have a 60hz laptop monitor.


Yes, just was wonderin as you game with Mac though and if those have that FPS limiter?

@linux I don't think so. What do you mean by FPS limiter?


I mean it once caught my eye in some conversation on Reddit or similar that Macbooks come with such and thus many tend to think they are not 100% suitable for gaming (?)


For example here it was discussed and apparently getting solved. But if such still may be present?

It appears that Apple might have pushed it in with update due overheating of GPU or something similar (?)

@linux Their Macbook in particular had glitched the SMC, so they had to reset it by holding the power button and another key and something with power.


This is also intriquing; Apple has been caught by secretly slow down older iPhone models (and admitting it)– what do you think, might they slow down also Macbooks via updates?

@linux They might be. I wonder if replacing the battery would speed up an old macbook.


These type of things are quite alarming and devious in nature. And the fact they tried to proceed in secrecy.

Btw on the "premium brand" front: System76 starts to manufacture their own laptops through their own factory early next year!

With unmatched Linux support and enthusiasm :tux:

@Wingy @linux you can set your mouse up in windows and the config should save when. You ope up Linux. What do you mean by GeForce? Nvidia works ok with most distros these days.

@Wingy I have rgb ram and an rgb CPU cooler but never used windows at home so I don't know what I'm missing.

@linux @Wingy I'm using openrazer a few months now, and it works nice for me!
Here a list with supported devices:

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