The federated timeline isn't actually so bad now that I filtered out all of the other languages lol

@Wingy If you use the fedilab app, you can get a translation API key plugged in and see what folks are saying in those other languages.

Apparently you can translate what you're posting too, but i've not used that feature yet.

@clarjon1 Oh wow that's cool! I have Fosstodon in a Vivaldi web sidebar tab so it's next to my browser though. I use a computer mostly.

Fedilab is for Android right?

@Wingy yeah it is for android, however there are some ways to run android apps on PC

As a result of this post, I'm now checking out anbox, which is linux only for now -- tho I wonder if it could be made to work on the new WSL microsoft will be putting out...

@clarjon1 @Wingy be careful about that, it does send a lot of personal data to the translation service

@Matter @clarjon1 Does it only send public toots? Or does it send the private ones too?

@Wingy @clarjon1 it'll send all the toots you choose to translate, I don't know if anything is translated automatically (hope not)

@Matter @Wingy

no automated translations, you gotta hit a button to translate for each toot you want translated.

@CaptainStack Settings > Preferences > Preferences > The box with all the languages in it. Uncheck all of them except the ones you want to see.

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