I think it's time to upgrade to Ubuntu Server 20.04 from 18.04 because I need to mdadm RAID-0 the boot drive.

Kind of want to RIIR my website lol rocket.rs/

I've never used Rust before

It's fine for an *app* but not really for a site...

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I have no idea why I thought it'd be a good idea to build a website in React...

I'd prefer a static site maybe? But I don't know how I would deploy it because my site updates as I type in Trilium.

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I'm still alive :P

Just haven't been using "social media" much.

Unless you count Reddit or Discord. In which case, I have.

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I just installed Xfce4 on my Ubuntu laptop (formally windows 8) and now my laptop feels quick and modern. This is why I love FOSS so much. You can't do this with Windows!

Nope. Back to Windows. Razer Synapse is Windows only :(

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Hey typography geeks!

What's your thought on spaces around em dashes?

I've always been of the opinion that em dashes shouldn't have spaces around them.

However, recently I've noticed that this doesn't work all that well in monospaced fonts (where em dashes, "—", are frequently not any longer than en dashes, '–").

And, many times (e.g., email) I don't know what font will be used. So I'm thinking about adding spaces as a general practice.


Anyone know how to bypass space to dash conversion in Discord channel names? The double thin space trick doesn't work anymore in the API.

It seems that macOS has become very locked down lately. They moved a bunch of config files to a read-only partition.

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