Can anyone please tell me if this is real because its happening to me.
I shortened the link.

Is anyone familiar with and their line of protection products?

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So, Elon Musk has become a significant shareholder in Twitter. Jack Dorsey has said he regrets his role in centralizing the Internet. Net change? I'm guessing minimal. Twitter will keep sucking, and people will complain about Twitter sucking but use it anyway. OR, they could move to a better alternative like Mastodon. I realize I'm preaching to the choir posting about Mastodon on Mastodon, but still. Tell your friends.

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What distro and DE combo would you suggest for an x86 tablet?

Uefi is 32bit, CPU 64bit Intel atom Z3745, 2gb ram

PopOs looks like it's the best for touchscreens, but gnome might be a bit too heavy for 2gb ram.

Something lighter like lxqt or lxde on lubuntu for example seems more appropriate.

I stumbled across this list of , makes me think there is such a thing as a targeted individual and this is one conspiracy theory that hits the nail directly on the head.

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If you use #Gmail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt. Here's metadata from a Google takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc.
Here we explain how the tracking works and how you can stop it:
#PrivacyMatters #privacy

it's my understanding that on pretty much any can be accessed by unknown entities depending on their skill level. Devices used to come with shades, hoods and slide covers why did they stop doing that? Sounds like a reasonable question me.

Is anyone familiar with remote neural monitoring and voice 2 skull harassment?

A year ago I thought, I think I'll learn . Well it's not going well. I don't get it, it's hard for me. I can embed a video link and even make it but anything past that and I'm so lost. I thought I had important stuff to say. I didn't know where or how to say it, so, I turned to a free site, yea, no , I can do this. It's harder to learn all the options and features of the site than html. My hat is off to anyone who codes or has a blog.

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This was my first account, if I'm not mistaken. Def my fav. I have been branching out in the #Fediverse. I am :

This popular #photos #server is not accepting people anymore. This world is really incredible. Not much GUI though.
Wow, hard to find. I guess the #Humblr server is no more? is there a replacement? Not really into the BDSM, don't understand that stuff in fact. To each their own. #party #noob #singlasf

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@kdecommunity CE shipping update, explaining why some PinePhones were 'returned to shipper' by DHL earlier today.

TL;DR - units will be resent in approx. 1 week with different battery warning labels.

For more details read:

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We're proud to announce the first episode of the new @thepine64 Community , PineTalk.

It's hosted by @Ezra and @linmob, who talk about how they got started with computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general for the first episode.

Go listen at

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I had pondered to start a podcast on and general Linux topics for a while. So when @PINE64 asked, I just had to do it. @Ezra is an awesome co-host and we had fun recording the first episode!

Go give it a listen at !

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