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When you use musl as libc, most of your time goes into fixing broken packages...it is a distro in early stage so it's okay to have a short wiki!

@danyspin97 @ndegruchy @nebunez I didn't say I was unfamiliar with source-based. I said I lost interest at that point. Gentoo is a pita to use and I don't want to ever repeat that experience. I disagree about something being in early stages giving an excuse to have a short wiki. Documentation is everything for how to learn and use new technology.

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Sometimes the time spent on docs is seen as better spent on features. And sometimes is just the lack of time.

A good documentation always help though, that's true.


@danyspin97 @ndegruchy @nebunez And that is a mistake! Solid documentation comes before solid features!

@WhoNeedszZz @danyspin97 @ndegruchy @nebunez I am documenting every single thing I'm doing from start to finish, and opening bug reports to several upstream software here and there.

I also assume that the reader has no previous experience so I tend to explain stuff a lot in my documentations.

I'm the author of the blog DOTSLASHLINUX, and for those who read it know how easy and friendly I explain and document stuff.

@WhoNeedszZz @danyspin97 @ndegruchy @nebunez I archived the website for that same purpose:


In it, you'll find guides to enable bumblebee on Gentoo that later were added to Gentoo's wiki, a full 18 part guide for configuring your kernel with hundreds of options explained, a guide for booting without an initrd, and a guide for building microcode updates directly into your kernel without needing an initrd.

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