You know what I really love about this community?

Yesterday I was annoyed and frustrated, so slammed Git. Today I’ve posted about the Keybase acquisition.

We have a lot of devs here, so these are subjects close to peoples’ heart.

Not once. Not a single time did I receive a reply saying something akin to “shit up Kev, you dick. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” (which would be a fair comment).

Instead I’ve had constructive feedback and offers to help me learn.

You guys blow my mind.

I do wonder if that's because you don't get jerks who are early adopters. As in, as this community grows, so does its diversity.


@karan @kev You, know I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I think there is a correlation to early adopters and more positive interactions.

I've noticed that the best gaming experiences I've had were when the game was in alpha stage and it got progressively worse as it moved to beta and then release.

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