Looking for a good social proof solution following Keybase's acquisition this morning? Check out @wiktor's decentralized solution built on PGP! metacode.biz/openpgp/proofs I'm setting my key up now 😄

@rysiek @jonah @wiktor @nwalfield I suppose if a thing is useful to do, then it's worth doing it in a decentralized way. So yay for wiktor working on this! (Personally, I haven't wanted to do "social proofs" so far, but I'm a grumpy person who'd rather not link every one of my things to every other one of my things - not even without using cryptography).

To be honest I’m also not a big fan of social proofs. It just annoyed me that Keybase made something centralized with no clear reason so I made it decentralized following the design of Vincent (https://chaos.social/@Valodim).

Consider this a weekend project with one reason: because it *can* be done! ;)


@wiktor @hko @nwalfield @jonah Your solution also doesn't unnecessarily include a damn Blockchain! But I'm also not a big fan of social proofs. Props for doing the work anyway!

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