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I am conducting an anonymous survey for my MSc dissertation on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. If you're interested, please click the link below. Your input would be much appreciated!

The link is:

@Wenting I took the survey but I feel the reality is more nuanced than a binary switch to alternatives. Mastodon complements my selective twitter use. I think migration of key influencers and other events need to take place to achieve critical mass for mainstream adoption. I heard of an incident in India where there was a Twitter storm and an influencer caused a huge migration to mastodon. Meanwhile this business with Wiley in the UK is only causing a 48hr boycott by certain blue ticks.

Your professor boosted first, so already answered.
But I would like to suggest to add another route to alternative networks. I did not use any major social network for some time now, but read about mastodon which got me back to social networks at all.

@Wenting They survey seems to be closed. Do let us know when you study is finished.

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