@agates @dave @martin Ok. got it. That sounds like a good design. It's really exciting to see the Fediverse and Podcasting coming together like this!

@agates @dave @martin I was thinking you must be planning to let the apps read the RSS from PI, and then you'd simply inject the root Fediverse post into the RSS on the fly...creating them lazily as needed?

Podcasts reading their RSS feed XML thru PI would be the only ones who would know how to use that replyTo post URL anyway,

unless/until it became a standard where somehow podcasters themselves would manage to have their Fediverse post in place before publishing the RSS?

@agates @dave @martin That would be nice if the RSS entry itself could already have the link to a pre-existing Fediverse post, which would serve as the 'root' (for inReplyTo) post for that particular show/episode. I hadn't even thought of that, but if doable I think that's better than any ideas I had come up with so far (i.e. better than the hashtag approach for sure).

Some how you'd have to make that post exist *before* serving the RSS feed to the podcatchers AND get it injected into the feed?

It's good to see Chrome adopt one of the key principles of the Quanta Platform:

Individual addressability of each sentence of content on the web.


@agates @martin @yassinedoghri @WClayFerguson If every podcaster had some short name that could be used in "@name@pi.com" that would be ideal (and accounts then auto-generated), but a friendly looking name is needed really instead of hash of the RSS feed probably.

But if podcasters don't already have a fediverse presence then somebody has to store the data right? I mean regardless of the solution somebody has to store it. No viable affordable public blockchains yet exist (aside from IPFS)

@martin @agates @yassinedoghri @WClayFerguson I realize having a @shows@pi.com as the way to 'self host' (or host on behalf of fediverse-less users) all the comments is not ideal, but I'm thinking only the 'root replies' would get stored on the 'pi' server database (inboxes), because generally only the actual person any reply goes to will be the server that must store the incoming inbox message.

But maybe you're thinking of hosting conversations among people not even themselves yet on the Fediverse?

@martin @agates @yassinedoghri @WClayFerguson For posts that are not a reply to an existing post, the only way I can think of to tie the new post back is a hashtag that references the episode, or even a URL link to the episode.

Ideally each podcaster would have their own fediverse user account and then when a new show is published they would toot it out, and people could reply back to that toot, but the problem is most don't have a fediverse account.

maybe use a @shows@pi.com to be a default account?

@Genen Tim should move to North Dallas around the Frisco Area where I live. Fastest growing and most amazing part of the USA.

@adam @chidgey @dave WOW. That's cool. I was interested right away in the discussion going on on castcoverage.

I was just 'riffing' off the 'roulette' concept from @chidgey, yeah it's a great concept.

Thx Adam, I'm bookmarking that!

@chidgey @adam But being totally serious for a minute, you actually *could* implement a GUI/app that is just a picture of a big slot machine, and you click it's lever, and it does an animation like a slot machine, and then lands on some random 1 minute clip of some random podcast episode and plays it. It's a perfectly legit concept I'd try, and it seems like it could be addicting.

I'm an idea guy. It's just what I do. Adam are you writing this all down?

Adding dave....

@chidgey @adam I wonder if Kevin Rose already though of "Rooster Scores". I mean most humans like stuff related to birds...just because birds are cool.

@chidgey @adam This is like Dogecoin: "Just crazy enough to work".

Effortlessly listening to random podcasts and then Rooster Boosting whichever one I like most as a kind of "up vote" (but using real satoshis) would be a pretty cool concept.

... and the "value add" there for the community is that podcasts that are good, but would otherwise remain unknown, will bubble to the top by getting lots of "Roosters".

...but I also kinda want the site members to also be called "Roosters" lol.

@chidgey @adam cuz I heard adam say he owns bazillions of domain names.

@chidgey New idea for a podcasting service:

BoosterRooster.com 🐓

I don't know what the hell it would do, but I do know that's what the hell the URL is. 🐓 @adam probly already owns that.

I have a feeling these high-profile multi-million dollar NFT purchases are secretly being funded by Government (i.e. FED printed money)

You can trace the Picasso valuations directly back to CIA money that was used as part of a psy-op, to artificially 'inflate' the art market. Before that, Picasso was considered as the "junk" it actually is.

We're seeing the same thing in large NFT purchases I'm afraid:


@mandolyte More evidence that the Quanta Design Principles (QDP) are getting out into the wild. I should lie and say I'm "humbled" by this at least once per day.


@blueberry Don't worry my brain corrected it back to the original.

@cooper As a guy who experienced the "CB Radio Craze" in the 1970s (I'm 53) I bet there's a way to add a location-based proximity feature to the Fediverse protocol (ActivityPub) that'll only broadcast messages to people in your same bedroom, house, neighborhood, or city,

...although admittedly the low tech way of finding people in the same bedroom will always remain same as it ever was: "Yank off the sheets"

@MrDers lol. I love this.

We need a humanoid "Robo Spanker" too which can punish children using violence but in a way that is more familiar like coming from a man-like device.

Just make it a lady one so there's no toxic-masculinity issues.

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