If there's anybody here who wants to make fun of my attempt at creating a Social Media platform, you can see it here:

I mean it's really nothing much, but it can talk to the Fediverse. Treat it like a "Roast Me". Beat me up. I can take it.

@WClayFerguson I suggest making the text a light shade of gray rather than white. Pure white against black or really dark gray is hard on the eyes.

@redeagle Thanks! I have a dark theme in my browser, so I might need to investigate how it "really" looks on 'default' settings of various browsers.

@rsheftel Yes, everything discussed in the User Guide is completed work, not 'future' plans.

@michel_slm I think I just created a new github project a year ago. The app itself has been my side project for many years though. Thanks for the compliment.

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