Quanta is so much nicer to browse the fediverse than Mastodon!

Larger images and better "Trending Topics" feature.


Try Quanta. Resistance is Futile.

I updated the quanta.wiki landing page so hopefully it won't put people to sleep in thirty seconds.

I'm shooting for 45.

The Quantaverse Quantafeed is quantifiably the best feed on the interwebs, because I curated it with my own set of frens, who are cooler than your average yahoo rando:


Plus I threw in the best news bots for those of you who need to stay connected.

To all future members of the Quantaverse here's your direct link to the feed:


Tell your frenz. Grow the Fediverse. Let's take down BigTech

Has everybody tried the Quanta Fediverse Stream...I might create an "All Bernie" filter just for the mitten meme.

How to go back to 1983....

Crank up some loud Synthwave and play the JGalaxian from the Ubuntu store, after consuming your favorite drug of choice.

I mean you could crank up some AC/DC crazy train, but really that synthwave will do.

If there's anybody here who wants to make fun of my attempt at creating a Social Media platform, you can see it here:


I mean it's really nothing much, but it can talk to the Fediverse. Treat it like a "Roast Me". Beat me up. I can take it.

I'm going to be adding ActivityPub support to platform I developed called quanta.wiki, so if anyone is interested in helping with that or being involved let me know.


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