@Volpit this is wonderful! If only the US would keep up with all the goof legislation the EU is throwing down against social media.

@wholesomedonut yeah it would be great, but they probably wouldn't be the US (lol)
Everything they do is against us, not big companies (saveinternetfreedom.tech/)

@Volpit Can we also forbid pages that does not load any content without javascript? Please pleasee this is very annoying 😔

@nitox I don't know, it seems a bit extreme for the EU to take such a decision. Maybe they could request those sites to make an "alternative javascript-free version"?

@Volpit @nitox I'm happy to argue that this would be in the EU's interest.

If their talk of wanting more independance from US software companies (especially in regards to OSs & web browsers) is anything to judge by...

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