When I made the choice to leave traditional social media (excluding Fosstodon), I read a lot of articles attempting to find out what it would be like. However, most of what I read was from someone just leaving for a few weeks as an experiment, not someone who had left for good.

Here's my attempt at writing a summary of my thoughts, why I left, the pros/cons, and what I would have done differently. Hopefully it will prove helpful to someone in a similar situation. 🙂

@Vollmer As I kept reading your post, I was wondering about Mastodon. I definitely spend more than an hour a day scrolling through my feed on Mastodon. I might not be chasing the likes as much, nor feel like I need to pay careful attention as most of my friends and family are not on there, but... I fear these drawbacks of social media are just as true on Mastodon as elsewhere, if you're connecting to a lot of people. The answer seems to be to keep our circles very, very small?

@kensanata I have debated Mastodon too. So far, the answer for me is a) small circles, b) treating it more as a way to keep up with a certain topic, and c) self-moderation. I have chosen to not install a Mastodon app on my phone for now, and only use the web interface on a computer. Also, no friends/family are on here so far. However, if I ever caught myself spending more than 30m or so a week on Mastodon, I would probably choose to get rid of it too, unfortunately.

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