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Hello all! I'm a software engineer from the US, specializing primarily in C for microcontrollers, with some dabbling in C++ and Go.

Outside of software development, I enjoy reading, music, and all things tech-related. I'm slowly moving into the Linux/FOSS world, one step (or app) at a time.

Been a while since I posted one of these to Fosstodon again...

Post 70 of is up! Today I wrote up a few thoughts on Google Stadia, after using it for a few hours today. TL:DR? It's pretty amazing, honestly!

Day 53 of !

Today's post is effectively just a repost of a Twitter thread from the CEO of Cloudflare that I ran across today. Interesting read, if you haven't already seen it.

Wow. Already Day 51 of !

For today's post, I went back to the topic of Things That Work, and talk a little about a service I ran across recently that has proven quite useful: Soundiiz.

Check it out!

Slowly converting family to Linux... my dad has been tinkering with it for a few years on some of his computers, and has come to appreciate it, at least for certain tasks.

And now, I’ve not only convinced my sister to give it a go, but to also pick up a custom desktop build from System76! She blogged a little about it yesterday as part of - check it out at 100daysofhannah.hannahvollmer. 🙂

Been a while since I posted one of these to Fosstodon. So, here is Day 41 of !

Years ago, a colleague of mine linked me to one of his blog posts entitled "Things that work!". It was a list of tools and practices that had become integral to his workflow.

So, inspired by that post, I've begun the same on my blog, except I'm tackling one thing per post (I may summarize later).

Today's post: my mouse choice!

For Day 23 of , I decided to write up an explanation of a game that my family and I have been playing remotely: Name That Tune! 🎧

It takes a little prep on my end, but it's been fun for everyone that's played so far!

Day 20 of !

Super short, but *useful* post today (at least for me): How to move a Git submodule to a subdirectory! It's something I have to do just infrequently enough that I forget the steps.

I had grand plans for today's blog post (part of ) . But it wasn't turning out great, and I don't have the energy to finish it today.

So instead... here's some of my favorites quotes from Antigone 😁

Today's blog post for is up!

I spent a few hours today setting up a personal wiki. I was quite impressed by the software I chose to use, so I blogged about it (as one does)... Enjoy!

Day 15 of !

Today's post is part history, part discussion, part trying to decide if I'm going to use a form of time tracking in the future for personal . No decisions made yet, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that I should be doing something more than I currently am.

Just reading the news about the acquisition of by today... curious what people in the FOSS community think of it? 🤔


Day 9 of :)

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts today. So today's post includes some notes that stuck out to me from one of them.

Day 8 of . Nothing super fancy. Just a quick recap of my day (some days I run out of time to write a lengthy post). 😴

Holy cow... 7 days into already!

Today's post is short, partly because I got distracted playing 0 A.D. (thanks @kev). 😂

Day 6 of is in the bag!

Today I wrote a little about my discovery of years ago, and my current setup, which (of course) is how I'm following all of the bloggers taking part in the challenge!

Day 5 of is live!

Today I walk quickly through the audio setup I am currently using for Zoom chats, and the multiple iterations it went through (with pictures!).

My blog post for Day 4 of is live!

Today's post is rather short, just a commentary on my day, and some questions I'm pondering on relaxing.

Day 3 of !

I was struggling slightly with deciding what to talk about today. So instead of 1 topic, I have 4! 😁
- a podcast I'm enjoying
- a website for introverts
- a blog I discovered through this challenge
- a product that looks interesting, but that I want to find a alternative to

Happy reading!

Earlier this morning I ran across, which looks like an interesting way to store book notes, highlights, reviews, etc. However, I don't really want to store all of that in a 3rd party platform...

Does anyone have a suggestion on a self-hosted, FOSS alternative?

I've been considering personal wiki software, but I've never looked into that much. Ideally I'd like it to sync between devices and be available on mobile.

Finally finished reading Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. One of the longest books I've read recently, but TOTALLY worth it!

I also wrote up a super short review of it. TL;DR: if you like tech or video games, you should read it! 😀

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