The Norwegian consumer council has published a new report where they suggest a ban on the surveillance based revenue model dominating the web today.

#surveillance-capitalism #advertising #human-rights

I follow all these engineers, yet I have to learn *from a recruiter* that HTML is no longer required to make web sites? Couldn't one of you have told me?

@estebanm Actually, do you mind if I use this for some stupid meme jokes? I keep getting inspiration :P

(Totally fine if you'd rather I didn't, of course!)

@peregrine We come from a place where we had great bicycle infrastructure already (though still getting better all the time), but in the Netherlands there's been a very clear focus on inter-city "bicycle highways" explicitly intended for use by the massively growing market of e-bikes.

Welcome To My Garden #wtmg is a not-for-profit network of citizens offering free #camping spots in their gardens to slow travellers: You can add your garden or explore the map.

@celia is a neat site for that — allows you to store offline copies of lots of documentation, all in your browser.

@yarmo It just worked for me, though sometimes I think it did require restarting Firefox after enabling Orca.

@ryanleesipes I had the same! I'm almost inclined to switch back from my vertical tabs extension, though I'm mostly hoping it implements a similar design at some point.

@0 Maybe to display a relative time ("posted x hours ago") without having to calculate it on the server / keep it up-to-date as you keep the tab open?

@joeligj12 @vinnl Primarily to support decentralisation and avoid all the activity happening on a single instance.

Some background on my first attempts here:

Looks like it's not possible to post a message to my old @vinnl account while it's set to redirect here, but: looks like migrating accounts finally was successful!


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