@sigsegv I'd recommend setting up ESLint (eslint.org/docs/latest/user-gu) and then adding a plugin to your code editor, then it will tell you about good practices 🙂

@benjaminhollon I dislike online tutorials using abbreviated arguments in general. I'm reading your tutorial because I'm trying to understand, don't use unexpanded acronyms!

@matl Yes! It's somewhat convoluted and requires the use of Firefox Nightly, but Nightly is pretty stable, and once it's set up, it's set up. I've been using Consent-O-Matic successfully on mobile using this: blog.mozilla.org/addons/2020/0

@retronav You could try a bookmarks sync extension, good old delicious.com, or getpocket.com if you also want the contents to be available offline, across devices.

Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.


@nonlinear @theruran As I understand it (which is barely), there was a lot of work involved both in making this work technically, and ensuring that benign use cases don't break. The latter involving a bunch of heuristics to sidestep the isolation, and standardising new APIs that websites could use instead.

For anyone with ideas about how to create more inclusive and just societies, the Landecker Democracy Fellowship is now accepting 30 changemakers who will shape in the digital age:


@ru Also the reason I usually prefer log-based debugging rather than using the debugger. Makes it easier to put a pin in it and pick it back up later, with a fresh mind.

@cogdog To be fair, as I understand it, overly long alt texts can be a pain as well. I guess the ideal is a small line that expands as you type.

@dsfgs Yes, Tor Browser is based on Firefox Extended Stable Release. Once the next Firefox ESR is released, Tor Browser will get the new GTK scrollbars as well.

@Gina I used to go to their equivalent in my hometown - Seats2Meet is such a sweet concept. Stopped going with the pandemic though — it does attract folks I expected to be above-average antivaxx. Might go again soon though.

(They actually used to have free lunch as well! Now it's "just" coffee and tea.)

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer That explains why you're not seeing it. Does mean that Firefox is just adopting GTK's scrollbar style though, which I think is totally sensible.

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer I'm guessing that it's GTK 4 and/or libadwaita. Here's my Nautilus - as you can see, same as in Firefox.

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer

As I understand it, the thinner, disappearing scrollbar *is* the GTK scrollbar. I see the same behaviour in Nautilus, for example.

@nolan Yeah that's the one say way, IMHO. I bump the major version when I consciously change the publicly-documented API, *and* when I know it will break for a significant percentage of people using my project.

On the flip side, I expect people to know that "semantic" means it's communication, i.e. the version communicates my expectations, rather than being a guarantee. And I expect people to know that relying on undocumented behaviour comes with studying even non-major release notes.

@aperezdc To be fair, they're only asking *distributions* not to theme their apps, and are happy for users to do it themselves (and thereby understanding when and why something looks broken).

Or at least, that's what the big yellow box at stopthemingmy.app says.

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