Just a reminder that tomorrow is April Fools'. Don't leave your computer unattended.

In completely unrelated news: I updated my VSCode extension "Whoopee cushion keyboard". It adds fart noises as you type, and with the new version, you can now enable it per language (command palette: "This is a smelly business").


I cracked my phone's screen 😢

However, it's a @Fairphone, so I just replaced the screen with that of a friend's old Fairphone. Took me all of five minutes 😎

In fact, I experienced that solid-client works well first-hand, when using it in my spare time to build what I'm proud to consider a vital tool for Solid app developers: Penny.


...which brings me to : the enthusiasm around it is fantastic, and even in my life-after-Inrupt I would love to see it succeed.

Which means that yes, I'll try to stay involved, keep maintaining Penny, keep empowering people building on top of it.

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I'm very proud to have been able to work on a library that will play a central role in many Solid apps. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, which is not something I can say about everything I've ever worked on 😅

It's true though: solid-client is *very* extensively tested, so far has not had unplanned breaking changes, and has an API that I think works well when writing Solid apps.

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Also cool: because we update the changelog as we go and have proper hygiene, you can also see exactly what code was involved in a bug fix by running `git blame` on the changelog.

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I follow all these engineers, yet I have to learn *from a recruiter* that HTML is no longer required to make web sites? Couldn't one of you have told me?


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