I recently joined a Goodreads alternative on the Fediverse, but of course... I forgot its name. Anyone know what it could be? It wasn't Bookwyrm or Readlebee.

@VincentTunru (though I *think* it has nothing to do with Fedi)

@ru Looks like it's not; the site was not in my history, my password manager doesn't suggest my credentials, and I don't recognise the layout. Thanks for the suggestion though!

@icy @ru It was The Storygraph, but I misremembered: it's not on the Fediverse, and not open source either 😢

@VincentTunru @ru oh smh i didn’t realise you’d said it /wasn’t/ bookwyrm in your initial post. i will now remember not to post online right after waking up from a nap. :P

@VincentTunru @icy ooo thanks that’s ALSO the one I had in mind when I read your post but couldn’t find it in my browser history.

@ru and thanks for okuclub! this looks fantastic

@derwinmcgeary Oh hmm, looks like I might have misinterpreted last time. It doesn't seem to be part of the Fediverse, nor open source 😢


I haven't got any answer but I 'd like to know it too.

@Nelfan It was The Storygraph, but I'd misinterpreted the first time I saw it: it's not on the Fediverse, and not open source 😢

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