Mozilla's unique selling point is that it's a non-profit. However, its real strength is that it answers to its community of contributors. It's not a perfect organisation, and it makes mistakes, but it can and will be held accountable, and that's what makes it better.

@VincentTunru Mozilla Corp is not a non-profit, though. Which is somewhat the problem that means they keep doing things like investing in bookmarking services and VPNs and flirting with crypto to seek ~revenue diversification~ and ~growth~ while culling cost centers like the engineers actually working on core browser tech like Servo.

@LionsPhil Mozilla Corp is wholly owned by the Foundation as only shareholder, so there are no shareholders to extract profit.

But yes, Mozilla operates in a capitalist society in which it needs money to survey. And since we want to be free to criticise Google, revenue diversification is important.

(And also to make income less volatile, decreasing the risk of needing to cut costs in times of e.g. pandemics.)

"Yes, but since it's not perfect I'm switching to a Chromium fork and feeding Google's monopoly instead." (some FOSS idealists, whose logic I fail to understand🙃)

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