I cracked my phone's screen 😒

However, it's a @Fairphone, so I just replaced the screen with that of a friend's old Fairphone. Took me all of five minutes 😎

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@VincentTunru @Fairphone @e_mydata I am also using it. But with the red back cover :)
Which version of /e/ do you use. I'm on 0.19 with some heavy reastarting and freezing of the system...

@VincentTunru And how is with reastartings and freezing of the system?

@lapor I think it may have restarted once or twice, but practically never, and no freezes yet. (After the upgrade to Android 9, Fairphone Open used to crash and restart all the time.)

@VincentTunru Thanks. I'll move to R version of /e/ πŸ€“

@VincentTunru I managed to move to R and it works great. Without any freezings. Thanks for sharing your toot πŸ™

@lapor Great! Unfortunately seems to have jinxed it for me, as I suddenly had two restarts yesterday πŸ˜…

@VincentTunru I desperately wish the Fairphone was available in the United States!

@twylo Well, you've got the Framework!

(Though to be fair I expect that to be available in the EU before the Fairphone becomes available in the US.)

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