My perfect employer:

- aligns with my ideals,
- makes products I'm personally excited to use, and
- has competent colleagues.

There's always been one organisation in particular that always seemed to me to tick all those boxes, so I'm very excited that, starting tomorrow, I'll be joining Mozilla!

@VincentTunru Wow!!! Congratulations (to you and to Mozilla!) 😁

@fixpoint @deviant @VincentTunru @newt I would never join Mozilla after how they fucked Mozilla itself.

God I miss the old times...
@captainepoch @VincentTunru @fixpoint @deviant just wait another 15 years. You’ll be missing today and call it the old times.
@VincentTunru Great! Maybe you are the one who'll revive that nice browser which Mozilla has been developing until 5 years ago.
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