Installed today — first time ever on a non-Ubuntu-derived Linux. The installer was a little bit confusing, but other than that everything except the fingerprint reader works flawlessly and so far is pretty straightforward!

@VincentTunru Thinking about trying fedora. Never tried it before except for a few mins in a VM or live USB.

I might want to try it some time. Using linux mint cinnamon right now and while its been great its like it always is with distro hopping. You like one distro but really want to distro hop again. Used many popular distros even another rpm based distro opensuse (did not like it at all) but never fedora.

I would like to see your adventures with fedora as it looks like a cool distro.

@jason123santa @VincentTunru Honestly, I switched to Fedora like 10 years ago and I never left. Ubuntu kinda instilled the idea of distro hopping because of their assortment of spins. Fedora works great with any DE / WM.

You do need to put some extra work in to get "all" the packages you'd normally get with a Ubuntu install. is the "universe" repo equivalent.

@buckazoidbob @VincentTunru Yeah I am going to switch so right now i am backing up my data and switching.

@VincentTunru next up: Arch, then Gentoo, then FreeBSD, then OpenBSD, then Plan 9 :D

@bugaevc I did actually consider jumping straight into Arch, but managed to restrain myself 😁

@robby @VincentTunru @bugaevc It’s funny that that sequence is pretty spot on. While I’ve remained on Arch for my main system for years now, I did at least experiment with those others… except I don’t get the Plan 9 reference… don’t know if that’s real or a joke.

@greypilgrim @VincentTunru @bugaevc Plan 9 is an OS created by the folks at Bell Labs after they made UNIX. It's got some interesting properties; worth checking it out! Some say it is more "Unix-y" than UNIX itself.

@bugaevc @VincentTunru I thought Arch would be a nice point to stop :-)

How do Arch and Gentoo compare?

@VincentTunru the only struggles I sometimes have are with SELinux and that's for the better (for my online safety, even if it can be complex - because security hardening simply is complex).

@arjen What kind of struggles are that? So I can brace myself for them 😁

@VincentTunru It can happen that software tries to write in locations where it is not allowed to due to the policies installed.

Especially the case for projects still under development. Does not happen a lot, and you always see notifications about it, but first time it's a little confusing. The FAQ is good:

In case of problems, you find many suggestions online to turn off SELinux altogether, but I'd try to avoid that - there's always a deeper problem that can be fixed.

@arjen Ah OK. Yeah that's not great, but to be fair I get that with Snaps on Ubuntu too — whenever I want to share something in Signal I have to remember to move it to my home directory because it can't access /tmp.

Hopefully at some point the ecosystem will have adjusted properly.

@VincentTunru ah, yeah, that's similar I suppose. With SELinux you can then choose to allow access to /tmp btw. And, well, problems occur rarely, I should add - it now sounds more severe than it is in practice. I've been on Fedora for ages, and things always resolve!

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