In the privacy-minded circles I frequent, some people complain that telemetry should *never* be used, and could simply be replaced by talking to users.

And while talking to users is definitely important, this is a great example of how telemetry *can* be used for good, and does not necessarily have good alternatives:

@VincentTunru Mozilla are guilty of opt-out telemetry, so I must draw the line behind them and stick to "opt-out is exfiltration".

I'd rather inefficient software than taking my data without informed consent.

In the end, it is all about how granular or aggregated your data collection is and whether you can correlate different data points to one single entity (which would be bad for #privacy).

Now about the article more specifically (haha):
Wow, that explanation about the frame rate and when to paint things was super interesting! ✨

Also, I didn't know there was a Spidermonkey blog!😍

Very insightful article, thank you for sharing.❤️

#Performance #JavaScript #Firefox

@VincentTunru random samples would work though - can we agree to use telemetry only with randomly sampled callbacks?

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