@noeldemartin Re: your recent Ramen update: as far as I know the Solid spec unfortunately does not specify how to update blank nodes. And since RDF lists rely on blank nodes, as I understand it that means there's no way to use those in Solid that does not rely on implementation-specific behaviour (like NSS/rdflib's use of a Where clause in the SPARQL Update) 😥

@VincentTunru I see, that's a bummer yes :(.

But as I understand it, lists don't have to use blank nodes, do they? Only the shorthand turtle syntax does. Instead of using `_:b0`, I could just write `<#ingredient-123456>` in those examples and it should work right?

@noeldemartin Oh, that's a good point! Which means I _can_ actually add list support to solid-client already. Heh awesome, thanks for the insight :)

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